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New Top of Cosmos!

caithion posts: 530 5 stars user offline None
I can't believe no one has posted this here yet! Well, I guess everyone depends on lj too much. +grins+

Yamato Yuuga will be the new top star of Cosmos Troupe, to no one's surprise.

Her first show will be "A/L" -The Youth of Phantom Thief Lupin-

Can I just say how completely excited I am about a Lupin show?! This is even better than the TCA special skit they did in the 90s... And I think Tani has the perfect face for Lupin. So, now, Cosmos fans, tell me who will play the rest of the gang?

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I do like Yamato Yuuga. I didn't at first, but she seems to have grown on me, she has a cheeky grin. There's a really cute photo shoot vid of her on Youtube somewhere for keen fans, they went for an 'urban grunge' kinda look. I think she's make a good, if fairly 'light-hearted', top star.

yukimura_wao posts: 62 3 stars user offline
It is almost expected that Tani is going to be the top.....Since the official had put hint when Kashi announced her resignment.

My concern is who is going to be Tani's partner.....

Tani will be a perfect "original" Lupin!

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Tani's the top! I've been waiting for this announcement for the longest time~ I checked the homepage twice a day.

Cosmos is a very troupe that's literally "loaded" with stars. I see Tomu Ranju, Hiro Yumi, and Kairi Hokusho playing big roles, but as to what? I have no idea.

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