Q & A! Please give us some Qs, and hopefully we can give you some As!

Hey everyone!

First of all, thank you to everyone who has dropped a comment for our episodes. We really appreciate them!

We really want to make this podcast as useful to the fandom as we can, so we are planning to do a Q & A podcast episode sometime around the end of February.

Which means…. we are collecting questions! Please drop a question below and we will do our very best to answer it. Ask us anything Takarazuka-related, from the silly to the sublime!

We’re depending on you to give us some questions, or else there have been threats to turn this episode into a “Facial Hair” episode. We really don’t want that, do we? XD

Thank you!!

4 thoughts on “Q & A! Please give us some Qs, and hopefully we can give you some As!”

  1. Hi. Not a question but just a suggestion. Since 2016 is the 20th year since Zuka started doing Elisabeth, how about an Elisabeth episode? It seems that Sky Stage is airing Elisabeth every month until December.


      um, you’ve probably already seen the Elisabeth Revue Corner Special thing which we are in the progress of getting up.
      yay! Elisabeth! <3

      orz, sorry about replying months later.

  2. Can you guys talk about how you discovered Takarazuka, what the first show y’all watched, and how to best introduce someone into the insane world of Zuka without scaring them off?

    1. I think we do talk about how we got into Zuka a little bit in the first episode (in a scattered manner, mind), and it’s also part of the introduction of every new podcast member, but we haven’t done it as its own segment. ^^ it would be a fun topic though, and I don’t think anyone would mind talking more about how they got into the sparkly wonderland that is Zuka. 😉

      How to spread it to more fans is also a great topic!

      How did you get into Zuka, Lee?

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