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Sorry to those of you who might be getting notifications for a whole slew of new posts. When we first started this podcast, I downloaded a podcast plugin for wordpress and thought I was very clever. But no matter how I tagged the posts that I did through the plugin, and although the tags showed up in the side bar of the blog, they never actually linked back to the posts.

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So, rather than delete old posts and lose everyone’s lovely comments, I’ve added bookmark posts and put the tags on them. So, if you have a burning desire to hear every episode with a certain topic or podcast member, all you have to do now is click on their tag.

… Why, yes, I am type-A, how did you guess?

Episode 11: Documentary Fever


  • We had some technical difficulties with this ep, so although we recorded it on May 1st, it’s coming to you now and some of the news is a liiiiiittle out of date. XD
  • While checking out their website, we realized that the English-language Dream Girls documentary is available as a private DVD for $19.95. Totally, totally recommended!

In This Podcast:

  • Retirement news
  • What’s making us happy in Takarazuka lately (9:00)
  • 学校へ行こう!MAX (Gakkou e Ikou! MAX): Takarazuka Music School [original broadcast date: April 4th 2006] (17:00)
  • Dream Girls documentary (TMS and the Revue in 1993) (51:40)

Links (things discussed in this podcast):


  • Daimon: Nozomi Fuuto’s nickname
  • Fuu-chan: Hinami Fuu’s nickname
  • Micchan: Hokushou Kairi’s nickname
  • fukukumichou
  • juku: cram school
  • kumichou
  • taidan / sotsugyou (graduation)
  • TMS: Takarazuka Music School