Sorry for all the reposts!

Sorry to those of you who might be getting notifications for a whole slew of new posts. When we first started this podcast, I downloaded a podcast plugin for wordpress and thought I was very clever. But no matter how I tagged the posts that I did through the plugin, and although the tags showed up in the side bar of the blog, they never actually linked back to the posts.

And then, suddenly, I had a breakthrough a couple of episodes ago and completely ignored the plugin and used wordpress’s default post option and… tada, working links. Dear lord, the time wasted.

So, rather than delete old posts and lose everyone’s lovely comments, I’ve added bookmark posts and put the tags on them. So, if you have a burning desire to hear every episode with a certain topic or podcast member, all you have to do now is click on their tag.

… Why, yes, I am type-A, how did you guess?

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