Episode 12: Vampires!

In This Podcast:

  • What’s making us happy in Takarazuka lately
  • Seal of Roses
  • Silver Rose Chronicle
  • Vampire Succession

Links (things discussed in this podcast):


  • taidan
  • Aichan: Aizuki Hikaru’s nickname
  • Kaname: Ouki Kaname’s nickname
  • Kiriya: Kiriya Hiromu’s nickname
  • Madoka: Hoshikaze Madoka’s nickname
  • Mitsuru: Hanagata Hikaru’s nickname
  • Nacchan: Ootsuki Sayu’s nickname
  • Rika: Shibuki Jun’s nickname
  • Saeko: Ayaki Nao’s nickname
  • Sora: Kazuki Sora’s nickname
  • Urara: Reimi Urara’s nickname
  • Yumiko: Ayabuki Mao’s nickname
  • Yurika: Makaze Suzuho’s nickname
  • Yuuhi: Oozora Yuuhi’s nickname

8 thoughts on “Episode 12: Vampires!”

  1. I loved this episode darlings! XDD and I am hoping I’ll be able to watch Vampire Succession at some point! :Db with this thorough explanation I will surely be able to follow what’s going on. XDD

    and I will definitely have to check out bara no fuuin – I think I have the micchan version – because I need to see that shirt!!

    maybe we could try to start a ‘spot the costume’ archive where people could submit photos or caps of costumes from other shows…

    1. I hope that you’ll have a chance to watch Vampire Succession too, it’s a great show for anyone interested in current Soragumi. I apologize for my poor attempt at being concise, I’m afraid I got a teeny bit carried away…..

      Please do let us know what you think when you see Bara no Fuuin!!

  2. Vampire Succession will get a DVD release on August 15th!

    To add to the list of vampire shows, there is also “Pale Kiss,” a Bow Hall show first performed by Hoshigumi in 1987 with Shion Yuu and Marimo Eri. (http://www.takawiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Pale+Kiss+(Star+1987)).

    It was revived by Hanagumi in 2008 (also in Bow Hall) with a double cast: Mano Sugata / Kayou Kirari and Asaka Manato / Tsukino Himeka (http://www.takawiki.com/tiki-index.php?page=Pale+Kiss+%28Flower+2008%29).

    The show involves Count Dracula and time travel, mixing both period piece and popular culture elements. Though the plot differs from “Vampire Succession,” both involve the love between a vampire and human in modern times, and being aware of vampire tropes, both shows don’t take themselves too seriously. Van Helsing, Lucy, and Carmilla also make an appearance but the characters are used in different ways.

    Unfortunately since both are Bow Hall shows, they can only be viewed on SkyStage (at least the 2008 Hanagumi version).

  3. Just wanted to pop by and say I enjoyed listening to this episode! Makaze Suzuho isn’t normally my type, but Vampire Succession sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you Becca, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Despite some instances where the plot hit a bump in the road, Vampire Succession was a very light-hearted and fun show 🙂

  4. Seal of Roses and it’s century-spanning vampire hunt reminds me of the first arc of Jojo. xD I would love to watch it some day!

  5. I stopped before the end so I don’t get spoiled for Vampire Succession 😉 I’m so glad it’s been released on DVD and really hope to see it someday!!

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