Revue Corner #2: Don Juan

Correction: Anna and Elin were uncertain as to whether Arisa Hitomi’s character Elvira was married to Don Juan or not – the information in the show leaflet was misguiding. We hope the uncertainty comes across in the episode, and would like to add that they are probably not husband and wife. We only know that she is bitter. And fabulous.

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Daimon: Nozomi Fuuto’s nickname
Yukigumi: Snow Troupe
Hoshigumi: Star Troupe
Shan-shan: used at the end of the finale when they walk down the staircase – an adorned piece of prop with a ribbon attached at the bottom. They are normally held in both hands to stretch out the ribbon.

Special #2: Mitsuya Nao OG Interview [vid podcast]

We are SO excited to bring you this special episode! Through the help of some friends of the podcast, we were able to interview former Takarazuka Revue member (Flower Troupe: 1981-1990) and current singer and vocal teacher Mitsuya Nao. Mitsuya-san graciously met with Caroline in Tokyo at the end of June to do the interview, which was conducted in Japanese. We were stumped for a little while: What would be the best way to present this for a podcast? Translate every line after it was spoken? Dub over it? We finally settled on subtitles, which is why this podcast is in mp4 video format.

Mitsuya Nao will be visiting New York City and performing a concert on July 24th at the Duplex Cabaret Theater. For more details, or to pre-order tickets, please visit:

Note: To save on server space, we are moving our video podcasts to YouTube. Unfortunately, this means they will no longer show up in the podcast feed.

Recorded 21st June 2016

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English Language Transcript:

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