Episode 13: How To Get Into Takarazuka

In this episode, we address two listeners’ questions about how we each got into Takarazuka, how we made friends in the Takarazuka fandom, and how we drag other people down with us. How did you get into Takarazuka? Leave your story in the comments!

NOTE: this was recorded before the Mitsuya Nao interview episode, which is the “special thing” we’re referring to when we say we’re not sure when this episode will surface. If you haven’t watched it please do!

Links to things mentioned
Cast list for Moon Troupe’s Legend of King Arthur
Chicago Postcards
Sena Jun seducing herself part 1 and part 2
The official Takarazuka English website
Kitty’s translations and subtitles
Podcast twitter (which had 30-something followers at the time of recording but is now at almost 150!)
Podcast Facebook page
NYC Takarazuka fans Facebook group
Carly’s follow list of of twitter accounts for Takarazuka OGs, news, fan artists, iride photographers, etc

Shows mentioned (in order of mention)
Toward a Day in the Sun
Elisabeth (2007)
Elisabeth (2014)
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Rome at Dawn
The Man in the Iron Mask
Romeo & Juliette (2010)
The Count of Monte Cristo/Amour de 99
Elisabeth (2009)
MOON SAGA (Gackt’s show ft. Yuumi Hiro)
Rose of Versailles: Oscar & Andre (2001)
Elisabeth (1998)
The Silver Rose Chronicle
Hoshiai Hitoyo
El Halcon

Takarasiennes mentioned (in order of mention)
Makaze Suzuho (Yurika)
Nozomi Fuuto (Daimon)
Sagiri Seina (Chigi)
Otozuki Kei
Yuzuki Reon (Chie)
Asumi Rio (Mirio)
Ouki Kaname
Yuumi Hiro (Tomochin)
Minoru Kou
Yamato Yuuga

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 13: How To Get Into Takarazuka

4 thoughts on “Episode 13: How To Get Into Takarazuka”

  1. Carly, I also have Merry Shannon to blame for my Takarazuka fandom. In 2008 I had a Xena fanfiction site that followed continuing stories. Merry Shannon was the author of one of the stories. She had a link on her site about Takarazuka. I thought is was really interesting but didn’t follow up. It was months later that I thought ‘Maybe there’s something on YouTube.’ I hit the jackpot. After watching tons of clips I figured that I should buy either a Rose of Versailles or Elizabeth DVD. I looked on EBay and there was an Elizabeth 2005 for sale. That was my first DVD and my gateway drug.
    After watching the DVD tons of times my partner said ‘Maybe you should learn Japanese’.
    The first time I went to Japan was in 2010. I timed it so that I saw Kiriya in Scarlet Pimpernel and Oozora in Trafalgar.
    I’ve gone to Japan every other year and I own over 100 DVDs. There is no end in sight.

    1. And then Rachel shared the madness with me and now I’m incurable. And I love it! So yeah, the thoughtfulness of one person, someone I didn’t even know really, introduced me to this beautiful world. (Thanks Rachel ♡ )
      Also re: Moon Saga (Gackt)…yep there’s the person all my money went to while I was in Sapporo missing out on all the Takarazuka I didn’t know was so amazing yet. lol. At least I went and saw Moon Saga.

  2. This was possibly my favorite episode yet! I loved learning about how everyone got into Zuka — it makes me feel like I know you all a lot better 🙂 So many cute stories!!

    Also, it’s nice to hear all of you be so welcoming about new fans. Although I’m an old fan, I’m sure you’ll see me creeping back onto Tumblr soon… <3

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