Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #1: Snow 1996

Elisabeth 1996 @takawiki
Elisabeth the musical @wikipedia
Cinderella’s Stepmother (Lady Tremaine)
Poirot @wikipedia (David Suchet)
Embraced by the Seas of Calista @takawiki

Takarasiennes: (listed in order of first mention)
Ichiro Maki @takawiki
Hanafusa Mari @takawiki
Takane Fubuki @takawiki
Wao Youka @takawiki
Todoroki Yuu @takawiki
Kouju Tatsuki @takawiki
Aran Kei @takawiki
Shu Michiru @takawiki
Miho Keiko @takawiki

Siennes mentioned who are not in this play:
Asumi Rio ‘Mirio’ @takawiki
Shizuki Asato ‘Zunko’ @takawiki
Hokushou Kairi ‘Micchan’ @takawiki

Shan-shan: used at the end of the finale when they walk down the staircase – an adorned piece of prop with a ribbon attached at the bottom. They are normally held in both hands to stretch out the ribbon.
Hyaku-en Store ‘Hundred Yen Store’: Japanese Dollar Store

5 thoughts on “Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #1: Snow 1996”

  1. haha, that is certainly true! XDDD it’s a dramatic entrance as well~ but I just think it’s a fantastic pose – if someone ever were to propose to me, I might rather they death posed than went down on one knee, even. 😉

    that’s a very well emoted rendition of the song! ^^ I love the eyebrows. dramatic!eyebrows ftw.

  2. First of all, I just want to say that Takane Fubuki looks so dreamy in that uniform!
    About the show itself, from a vocal standpoint, everyone gave a solid performance. Ichiro Maki’s Der Tod is probably the scariest and coldest of them all, not just in appearance but also because of her powerful voice. I remember watching a video compilation of Yami ga hirogaru from a few Zukabeths, and I thought, yikes, that guy is really scary.

    1. it is a very good look on her. :))

      I keep reinterpreting things about different versions of Elisabeth every time I watch them! so I am starting to get confused as to who I think is the coldest/scariest – for me right now it is Mirio (but that ep isn’t out yet – I talk about it at length though), but I do agree that Ichirotod is very scary – there is no stopping her! and I think she may win the prize for Most Impressive Lungs. XDD

  3. I haven’t watched the original Yukigumi Elisabeth in SUCH a long time, but it’s fun to hear you all interpret the acting styles of each ‘sienne in each role. I do remember Shu Michiru’s eyebrows XDD;; (Thank you for the screenshot, Jen! lol) Also, I feel like a lot of Japanese fans who are old enough to have seen them all still like this original version as the “one true Elisabeth”. One of my friends used to be in Wao Youka’s club and although Wao went on to play Franz, she said that she liked this production with Ichiro Maki (and Wao as Elmer/Rudolph) the best.

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