Episode 15: All About Ryuu Masaki!

In this episode, we celebrate Moon Troupe top star Ryuu Masaki as she prepares to graduate from Takarazuka! NOTES: this episode was recorded before the Chicago episode but saved for the Tokyo run of Nobunaga, so we apologize for the strange timeline of our commentary. Also the “treat,” once again, was our special Mitsuya Nao interview.

Seal of Roses fanart
Jen’s blog of reviews

Shows mentioned
Don Juan
Roman Holiday
Flamenco Cafe del Gato
Om Shanti Om
Scarlet Pimpernel – Star Troupe 2017 / Umeda Arts Theater 2016
Rome at Dawn
Elisabeth 2005, 2009
Puck 2014
Arsene Lupin 2013
Takarazuka Dance/Guide to the Future/Takarazuka Flower Poems 100
Season of Angels
Gypsy Baron
Man from Algiers
My Love Lies Over the Mountains
Edward VII
Young Bloods 2006
Gone with the Wind 2014, 2015
Me and My Girl (Hakataza)
Rose of Versailles: Oscar and Andre 2013
Magician’s Misfortunes
Higher than the Sky of Paris
Romeo & Juliette 2012
Seal of Roses

People mentioned
Ryuu Masaki!! (Masao)
Ayaki Nao
Sena Jun
Kiriya Hiromu (Kiriyan)
Shibuki Jun (Rika)
Ozuki Tooma
Oozora Yuuhi
Seijou Kaito (Magee)
Saou Kurama
Uzuki Hayate
Asumi Rio

Ueda Shinji
Ueda Keiko
Koyanagi Naoko
Masatsuka Haruhiko
Frank Wildhorn
Sylvester Levay

Buyoukai – The Takarazuka Buyoukai is an annual event where select members of the revue perform traditional Japanese dances and pieces of famous Noh works to the accompaniment of traditional Japanese music.

Nihonmono – Literally, “Japanese thing.” A play with a historical Japanese setting.

Nibante – Refers to the second-ranked otokoyaku star in a troupe. It is generally expected that a nibante will one day become a top star, although this is not guaranteed, and the star does not always stay in the same troupe.

2 thoughts on “Episode 15: All About Ryuu Masaki!”

  1. Glad you did this episode. Good idea to do a special for retiring top stars. I’ve watched The Rose of Versailles, both versions. I am not a fan or Beru Bara but the Masaki – Oscar and Asumi – Andre version was perfect. Both were perfect for those parts. Having Masaki – Andre and Asumi – Oscar just seemed wrong.
    I agree that the demi top thing was strange and when Asumi transferred Masaki came to her own and is now in her fourth year. She’s had some good shows and has had a good reign.
    Puck was perfect for her.

  2. Everyone seems to agree on liking Puck! I have seen Masaki’s version, but it’s a very “busy” story with a lot of characters and side-plots, so I feel like I didn’t intently focus on the top combi. I should watch it again just for the two of them 🙂

    Also, Jen, listening to this brought back a lot of memories of going to so many Masaki ochakais with you… ;_____; <3 I'm very excited about her music / acting career and whatever she has planned for the future.

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