Revue Corner #3: Excalibur

Excalibur @takawiki
Shizuki Asato @takawiki
Hanafusa Mari @takawiki
Wao Youka @ takawiki
Asami Hikaru @takawiki
Kotobuki Tsukasa @takawiki
Kozuki Wataru @takawiki
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast @ wikipedia
Disney’s Robin Hood @wikipedia
Excalibur translation @tumblr
Elisabeth @takawiki

Zunko: Shizuki Asato’s nickname
Takako: Wao Youka’s nickname
Komu: Asami Hikaru’s nickname

5 thoughts on “Revue Corner #3: Excalibur”

  1. THAT WIG DEFIES ALL LOGIC. I caught a stream of this a few months ago and think I was distracted so didn’t get to see all of it (would love to watch it again sometime maybe, I mean y’know, if you’re interested ever in streaming it again), but I very vividly remember seeing Takako’s wig and going WHAT.

    Also her “WOW” line lmao.

    Thanks for the podcast!!

    1. XDD AMG THOSE WIGS. I will poke Kitty about another Excalibur stream – I think that she will most definitely be up for it. (You could message her on tumblr to ask for a stream during a time that fits you if you’d like?)

      you mean her “WAO” line 😉 jkjk – it cracks me up every time. just like any time when So Kazuho says something in English and starts with “So”.

  2. I had to watch Excalibur before listening to this. Love Wao in this and I agree that she has the best wig ever. I think her wigs in Kiss to the Flames came from the same place.
    The music is fantastic and I found myself humming along.
    By the way Hanafusi Mari was the musume top star to 5 otokoyaku top stars. Ichiro Maki, Takane Fubuki, Todoroki Yuu, Shizuki Asato, Wao Youka for a total of 12 years.

    1. sometimes when I watch this show I feel like it would be fantastic to be a professional wig maker – and then I remember that I don’t know a single thing about wig making.

      it’s very catchy! 😀

      Hanafusa Mari is one of the most impressive musumeyakus imo! I wish they would keep some other musumes on for as long as they did with Mari. <3 (could we get Chapi for that long prz?)

  3. I don’t have much to comment, I just love your enthusiasm for this show <3 I am definitely in favor of this podcast introducing fans to more lighthearted Soragumi shows, because mostly the ones that are remembered are the grand, dramatic, tragic shows ;P

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