Episode 18: One Samurai from Kagoshima / Romance

In this episode, we review Star Troupe’s “Ouka ni Mae/Romance!!”, which recently wrapped up its Takarazuka run and will begin in Tokyo on October 21st.  This is the final show for Hokushou Kairi and Hinami Fuu.  We apologize in advance for anything we got wrong about Japanese history!


-Wikipedia article about Kagoshima dialect

Amazon.com link for The Last Samurai: The Life and Battles of Saigo Takamori by Mark Ravina

Wikipedia article about the Satsuma Rebellion

-special feature on the official Takarazuka page about the Romantic Revue series

People mentioned:


Seto Kazuya

Hokushou Kairi

Mishiro Ren

Hinami Fuu

Kurenai Yuzuru

Rei Makoto

Nanami Hiroki

-Yumeki Anru

Natsuki Rei

-Mao Yuuki

Kisaki Airi

Maaya Kiho


Saitou Yoshimasa

Okada Keiji

Hayama Kiyomi


Chuuzume: This is the scene in the revue show which occurs near the middle of the show, and has the entire troupe on stage dancing together. It’s a kind of “power up” scene to get everyone clapping and tapping their toes.

Ginkyou: A narrow strip of stage that extends around the orchestra pit, approximately 3 feet high and four and a half feet wide. Another trademark of the Takarazuka, the silver bridge is used in much of the performance blocking and in the finale to allow those in the front seats a very up-close look at the stars.

11 thoughts on “Episode 18: One Samurai from Kagoshima / Romance”

  1. Fun to listen to. Thanks, Guys..
    So amazing you guys have studied Japanese history so well.

    Speaking of Kagoshima slung, 『すいません suimasen 』is 『すいもはん suimohan 』『です。desu 』is 『ごあすgoasu』
    Which means… If I say, for example, ” I am Sakiko”, it goes like ” watashi wo Sakiko de goasu ”

    Another interesting fact… I’ve heard it from a friend in Kagoshima.
    Even though so many years have passed since the Meiji Restoration, between Kagoshima and Aizu ( Fukushima Pref.), they still try avoid most contact including business and marriage relationships.

    1. Wow, thanks for the info and the clarification on Kagoshima-ben, Sakiko! It’s so funny that people from those areas still try to avoid each other…

    2. that is so interesting about Kagoshima and Aizu! sometimes the things that happen make deeper scars than we can even imagine. it’s like history is still alive there somehow, that it has become a tradition and just ‘how things are done’.

      I’m not all there on my Japanese history so I hope that I didn’t say anything too wrong.

      and thank you for the information about the Kagoshima dialect – it can be difficult for foreign fans who are not very well-versed in Japanese to find this kind of information, so I am really grateful. it’s going to help me a lot when I get the DVD (I’m going to have to get it, I think about this show too much XDD).

  2. “You leave the show loving Hoshigumi”

    SO TRUE. Thanks for a great podcast! Romance!! definitely made me cry more than Ouka, but I loved both. I didn’t realize that the same person wrote both Ouka and Jirokichi; I definitely noticed a lot of similarities between them so that was a fun thing to find out.

    Now that you reminded me of what song Beni and Airi sang at the end it’s stuck in my head.

    1. With Jirokichi and Ouka, there’s certainly a big similarity in the issue that the leads have conflict over in both! (sorry being vague to avoid spoilers)

      Just speculating, but I sometimes wonder if Jirokichi was written as a potential pre-taidan sendoff present for Micchan. I’m glad though that things worked out the way they did, and Saitou-sensei got to write Micchan *two* shows! (Three if you count Love and Dream!)

  3. Hi! I couldnt work out where the best place to ask was, so I figured I’d drop a comment here. I generally download the podcast from either iTunes, or my android podcast app DoggCatcher, and both only have this episode to episode 13, whenever I try to load any others, it just says they’re not available – is this a problem you guys know about? I only ask because generally I listen to podcasts whilst travelling, getting them downloaded straight from the website is not really possible. Anyway, thank you for the amazing work on the podcast, it’s wonderful and entertaining (hence why I’d love to be able to listen to everything else!)

    1. Hi Alex, thanks for the comment! Especially concerning as we want everyone to be able to access it. Hm, I use iTunes and an Android app and am not having trouble getting the latest episodes. I wonder if anyone else if having this trouble? It sounds like it relates a point where we changed the feed slightly. Have you tried deleting and re-adding the iTunes feed to update it? Please let us know if this doesn’t work and I’ll see if I can fix this for you.

          1. thanks for keeping us updated! I don’t personally know anything about how the uploading to iTunes works, but I’ve been having a lot of problems with podcasts lately.

          2. Ah, okay, I misread your original comment. It must be related to the change I mentioned before. I’ll try to fix this this weekend and I’ll keep you updated!

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