Episode 19: Hokushou Kairi & Hinami Fuu

In this episode, we talk about Star Troupe top stars Hokushou Kairi and Hinami Fuu as they prepare to graduate from Takarazuka! NOTE: Sorry the audio gets a little funky in places.  What we were trying to say at 45:00 is that both Takashiro Kei and Daichi Mao have been past spokesgirls for the Kaminomoto company.


Hokushou Kairi interview on Takarazuka Music School website

Picture of 84th class OGs going to see Ouka ni Mae / Romance!! (Otozuki Kei’s Instagram)

Disney Songs by Takarazuka (Takarazuka Creative Arts)

Disney Songs by Takarazuka (Amazon.co.jp)

People mentioned:


Hokushou Kairi

Hinami Fuu

Shibuki Jun (Rika)

Mishiro Ren

Kazari Jin


Okada Keiji (I incorrectly named him, but he was the director Micchan kept running into who encouraged her not to quit!)

Shows Mentioned

Juri Sakiho in Legally Blonde

Don Juan

My Hero

Snowflake Anthology / Golden Desert

The Second Life

Elisabeth (2014)

Guys and Dolls (2015)

The Merry Widow


gakunen: The number of years a Takarasienne has been with the Revue.

kashikiri kouen:  Company-booked performance.  Tickets for these performances are typically not on sale to the general public.

Mura: Literally, “village.”  The katakana “mura” is used by Japanese fans to refer to the area around the Grand Theater.

Showa era: Japanese name eras based on the reigning emperors.  In this case, the Showa era was between 1926–1989

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 19: Hokushou Kairi & Hinami Fuu

12 thoughts on “Episode 19: Hokushou Kairi & Hinami Fuu”

    1. It’s okay, I still think I outnumber you significantly ^^;;; Maybe I can do some speech class exercises where you get trained not to um and “like”?

    2. I think you guys were fine! I used to do live narration full time and I still said “um” a lot, haha. The best way to train it out is just practice, either what you’re saying (not really an option for this kind of format) or practice pausing instead of saying um.

      Also since my internet was cutting out at certain points I finally got to hear what you guys were talking about in those spaces. >_< sorry about the trouble!

  1. Hi all. Nice podcast! First time here and I appreciated the good mix of factoids and stories along with the personal narrative. I have lived in Japan twice before but *facepalm* only got into Takarazuka about 7 months ago and have only seen most of the TIP discs and the few TCA DVDs I have accumulated so far. So I’m a little baby fanlet, but already TOTALLY totally addicted. I have all kinds of things to say and probably way too much to put on a comment here, but I don’t have people IRL that are into Takarazuka and you are all my 先輩in all things Zuka, so I have a lot of questions and not sure where to start making more connections in the fandom. (I just friended Jen in Livejournal as username ririshiisugata).
    Here’s a very short bullet list of questions if any of you have time to answer them. (Forgive me if you have podcasted on the very same things already. I just started with the most recent podcast).

    Who are your favorites (Either current or OG) and why?

    What are the top (insert random number) shows that someone new to Takarazuka should see if they love to obsess about otokoyaku?

    What are the best shows to watch when I just really really need to see otokoyaku in precision formation all go **whuh** together at just the critical moment to make me ^DIE^ of palpitations a little before I can get on with my day?

    Why are tuxedos marching down stairs so damn hypnotizing? Is it the lights and patterns? Is that how the money keeps being hypnotized out of my Paypal just when I thought I was strong enough to stay away from Amazon Japan?

    I have been thinking about doing a little translation of articles, tweets, shows or something but I wonder what would you guys consider ok to translate, as far as being respectful to copyright etc. ? What do you think would be cool for me to translate and where should I post the translations if someone might actually read them? I don’t have a lot of experience with social media and am not sure how to share things with people…
    Sorry for the long post and thanks again!
    Oh and Jen…I heard the part about how you had an accumulation of Takarazuka flotsam and jetsam you had accumulated over the years (was that you?)…..feel free to message me on LJ if you really wanted to send some sparkly things to a loving home 🙂

    That’s enough questions for now. I’ll listen to some archived casts and see what magic awaits.

    1. Hi Rena! Thanks for the comment and welcome to the fandom! Translations are totally fine, and you can feel free to share them on your personal social media, or in the takawiki forum if you don’t use social media much.

      Since you’re new to the podcast, I recommend checking out episode 13! We talk a lot about getting into Takarazuka and the shows/people we like.

      If you want to meet new fans, the best social platform is probably tumblr right now. A lot of people livestream shows they like, which is a great way to see more things and talk to people/ask questions while you’re watching. They usually announce the streams on tumblr. The podcast crew’s tumblrs are all linked on the left sidebar, feel free to friend us!

    2. Hello Rena!! Welcome to Takarazuka madness!! 😉

      Definitely be sure to check out the other podcasts as Carly said, but I also wanted to throw in my recommendations for great otokoyaku kuroenbi (tailcoat dances) – Hanagumi (Flower Troupe) is well known for super on-point routines! Of course the other troupes can have great ones as well, but in my (comparatively limited) experience and opinion, Hanagumi does it the best <33 Definitely look for the tailcoat dances from Mr. Swing!! (paired with A Poem of Love and Revolution, also a good show, from 2013 iirc with Ranju Tomu as top star), as well as FANTASIA, 2014 with Asumi Rio (paired with Sea of Callista). The troupe won an award for the Fantasia dance, it's super, super impressive and one of my favorite kuroenbi ever.

      I'm a huge Hanagumi Fan if you can't tell ^_^;

      you can find me on tumblr as zukazukazuka too – enjoy!!

  2. Wow, thanks! Yeah I was thinking about checking out tumblr. This gives me an excuse to get over there. Thanks for the invite to friend you there and I’ll definitely check out ep. 13 next!

  3. Wow, thanks! I’ve been meaning to get over to tumblr and this gives me a good excuse♡ Thanks for the invite to friend you over there and I’ll definitely check out ep 13 next.

  4. I added all of you (I think) as friends in Tumblr, but I am not sure that others can see that my Tumblr exists. Someone said they tried to find me and couldn’t. I have indexing turned on, but is it because I have a new account? I’ve been looking at stuff and reblogging a bit. I’m trying to take that brave first step into social interaction…..: )

    1. I didn’t get a mail notification from tumblr, but I saw you in my followers list and followed you back. ^^ I also took a look at your reblogs, and they are A++. 😉
      I’m thinking it could be that it’s a new account? I know that when you have a new account sometimes your posts don’t turn up in the tags with other entries.

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