End of the year giveaway!

It’s the season of giving and we are very happy to announce our first giveaway! We have prepared four Takarazuka themed gifts and one of them could be yours!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to leave a comment below and tell us what kind of episodes you’ve enjoyed so far and what you would like to hear in the future. Anyone can join!

The giveaway ends December 31st 2016. After that four winners will be randomly selected and contacted by e-mail (so make sure to leave your e-mail address with your comment!).

Good luck!


16 thoughts on “End of the year giveaway!”

  1. Hey all, this podcast is a delight to hear every time. I love listening to fans talk about Takarazuka in any arena. I especially like when you do episodes talking about the history of Takarazuka or analysis of certain elements therein. As for future content, hmmmmmm – I would love to see more Revue Corners, or maybe an episode about The Rose of Versailles and its impact on Takarazuka?

  2. Hi Everyone,
    I really enjoy your podcast and I have never missed one ! I am always super excited when receiving the notification that a new episode is up. You guys always make me smile and laugh alone when listening it in the subway !

    My favorite episodes are those about specific shows. It is always interesting to hear your thoughts about it. (Don Juan, kenshin, koumori etc…)
    The Elisabeth serie was also great. And I especially like when at the beginning you speak about your thoughts concerning the latest news and the life of the company. ( this part could be longer maybe ?)

    Honestly, there has never been an episode that I didn’t enjoy!

    I would like to see a mini serie about Berubara with your thoughts about the differents actresses and versions (fersen, gaiden, …. ).
    But anything about Zuka would be great anyway. So please continue to surprise us in the future ^^
    Thanks for this giveaway and good luck everyone.

  3. Hi! love the podcast 🙂

    I really like the episodes where you go into the history of the revue or talk about stuff going on behind the scenes (though you keep saying you’ll get in trouble with your clubs!!! please don’t get kicked out on our behalf). I can’t wait for the rest of the troupe-focused episodes!

    In the future, and of course only if its possible, i would love to hear like mini-episodes about hankyu announcements? Doesn’t need to be a full length thing but for like, troupe transfers just a quick little chat about what that means for their careers.

    actually, off that, could you do an episode on maybe like. troupe politics? or notable transfers? i love knowing how stuff works on the inside but maybe thats. against sumire code :0

  4. Hello! So the podcast was actually one of the first things I discovered this past summer when I was trying to find out more about Takarazuka. I kind of started in the middle with the Valentine’s Day episode but I’ve very much enjoyed all of the episodes I’ve heard (still can’t figure out how to get the Christmas episode to load properly for some reason).

    I think I especially love the episodes that focus on certain themes like the anime themed episodes and Valentine’s Day one. But I also am really enjoying the Elisabeth revue corners and the Troupe centric episodes!

    I would love more episodes that encompassed shows that have been done multiple times (Berubara, Romeo and Juliet(te), Scarlet Pimpernel, Me and My Girl, etc.) similar to the Elisabeth revue corners but maybe just highlighting similarities and differences with the different versions. Also, I’m always interested in learning about the traditions that happen in Takarazuka. I feel like I learn something new every time I hear an episode.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome work!

  5. Hi! ^^ I only just found out about this podcast a few months ago but was thrilled to see one for the English speaking fandom and ended up marathoning it as I worked I love the revue corners about different shows and ones that go into different topics like the OG show episode or the Anime special! It would be fun to see more revue corners and an episode about berubara and its infamous history with Takarazuka in the future! Thanks for all your hard work with this podcast and good luck everyone!

  6. hello! I’ve only just your podcast like THIS WEEK. But I’m loving it so far and can’t wait to listen to more! I’ve been a Takarazuka fan for a year or so.

  7. Hey guys,

    I really like what I’ve heard so far of the podcasts. The one about how to become a fan inspired me to go on Tumblr, where I founded a pretty cool community of fans who have been more than willing to share their *pain* with me and drag me further into the underworld. For that I am grateful. I like the Elisabeth Review corners a lot because that is one of my favorite shows but I haven’t seen many of the versions yet. I feel like I get a little bit of a sense of what each is like by listening to the podcasts along with checking out short video clips I find here and there whilst rummaging around on the internet.
    I get excited to see podcasts on shows that I have seen (alas only on DVD), like Excalibur. It’s always fun to hear what others thought about things I have seen. Or I’ll hear about one and go “Oh, that one sounds like fun.” and hopefully get to check it out in the future. I appreciate the level of fangirling in general and it’s good to feel a connection to others that share a deep affliction, ahem I mean affection. No I mean affliction- For Takarazuka and just being able to relax and listen to others nerding out in the same ways that I feel inside is great. I also appreciate the accessibility of the show. There are definitely people that I would consider an “expert in the field” talking about things here, but I haven’t noticed any of the terminology barriers or feelings of me just being too new to understand that is sometimes a problem with getting into fandoms and all of the jargon they can entail. I really like the little links and glossary included with the episodes.
    I hope you keep doing the troupe- based podcasts in the future. I like knowing about the history of each troupe and getting a sense of the personality and flavor the troupes can take on.
    Happy holidays and I look forward to checking out more episodes for sure!

  8. Oh this is awesome! I love the podcast, its amazing to hear from the fandom 🙂

    My favorite episode was that one about MichiFuu. OMG, I cried a lot listening to that, so emotional and well made.

    And i would like to hear more about the troupes and their iconic styles and plays. Oh, and about nihonmono and Berubara!

    Keep doing the great work!!

  9. Yo~

    I’ve been personally enjoying trope/show specific episodes like the vampire episode etc. (And I had the best laughs when y’all talked a bit about El Halcon a while ago.) because I enjoy hearing how people interpret things differently and also picking up recommendations based on things falling under the topic heading that just sort of neatly lend themselves to discussion in the same breath.

    Whilst it’s not as much episode specific, what I would like to see more of is the anecdotal stuff! I love hearing you guys talking about your own, very personal experiences with takarazuka, the friends you’ve made, experiences in Japan etc. It’s lovely to hear people who are very passionate about takarazuka talking about their own specific experiences within the hobby.

    I’d also love more discussion of Nihonmono! I feel like the Nihonmono “style” sometimes slips to the wayside in terms of fan discussion, but I love hearing Western views and interpretations of Japanese traditional dance and costuming, alongside views on perhaps very Japanese-trope-heavy plot lines/dialogue.

    Thanks a lot for creating all this wonderful content! ~

  10. Since I’m a new fan, I love the episodes that detail the individual troupes, or summarize the history and traditions of the Revue and the fandom. I liked the Anime episode, the early summary episode, the Q&A episode (thanks again!), and the Flower troupe episode so far. It’s fun to go listen and through the wiki and look up the individual ‘siennes and shows whenever you mention them. Listening to the Moon troupe episode right now! I would love to hear the rest of the troupe specific series in the coming months! It’s amazing how much you all have translated and contributed over the last 10+ years in the online English-speaking fandom. ^o^

  11. Hi!
    I’ve been trying to catch up to all the episodes – only 3 to go! My favourites have definitely been the ones on the history of the revue and of the troupes! I think that’s mostly because I’m a massive history buff, I want to know EVERYTHING about the history of things I love!

    I definitely want to hear more of these history episodes, once the troupe specific ones are done, maybe history of the theatres themselves, or ways the styles of music, dance, etc, has changed, or maybe how the revue changed after/during the war, if information like that *is* available, of course! Also, you’ve mentioned a facial hair special, now that’s something I’d be into hearing – more zuka facial hair! (Also, because every time Beni wears moustaches, she looks so sleazy, I’m hoping she has one in EVERY top star show.)

    Thank you so much for everything you’ve done with this podcast, it’s interesting and entertaining (and is perhaps the cause of some near accidents and definite embarrassment when cycling, because I’m laughing so hard :P)

  12. Ahh it’s been so long since I listened to your podcasts, in fact I didn’t have any time to listen to any podcast at all orz.
    Ok now, my favourite episodes so far has been the Velentine’s and Ruroken episode. Really glad you guys did the Elisabeth corner.

    I’m a big Yukigumi fan, so I’m looking forward for anything Yukigumi centric or even nihonmono.

  13. Hello!
    I’m a big fan of your podcast! It’s great to see how our fandom is growing and how many people are working on making Takarazuka more understandable for zuka newbies!
    My favorite episode so far is Elisabeth Revue Corner! This is my beloved show and definitely that’s why I love this part of your work!
    In the future, I would like to hear more about shows like Genji Monogatari (nihonmono in general, because it’s more difficult to understand for most of the people), Rose of Versailles (Takarazuka classics!) or about some top combis maybe? Yuzuki Reon and Yumesaki Nene episode would be amazing! Also hanagumi / Asumi Rio (hana and Mirio freak here) stuff would be a great choice in my opinion!

  14. The Takarazuka podcast is really very much my thing because I adore Takarazuka and I’m a very auditory person who enjoys radio and podcasts. I don’t really comment on your blog (I should) because I just get the podcast through iTunes.

    I particularly enjoy your historical shows, like your Hanagumi special or your Tsukigumi special, or the one-show reviews discussing older shows. I also really love when you guys go in depth and do a show just on one combi or one historical topic, because it gives me a window into all of these cool detailed Takarazuka facts I’d never know otherwise.

  15. Hi!
    I really enjoy your podcasts. I usually listen to them while riding by train to work. It’s a long ride so I manage to listen to even the longest ones. It really brightens my day.

    I would love to hear more about takarazuka history (before year 2000) and also about older shows. I really liked podcast about Excalibur, it encouraged me to actually watch this show, and now I am huge Excalibur fan ;P

    I generally like podcasts about new shows, your reviews give me good glimpse of the show and it tells me if I should buy the dvd. Because of you, a bought Don Juan, and now it’s my favourite show.

    I am also very interested in various fan activities (like art, cosplays and other) so if you know anything, and I would love to hear about them.

  16. Hi everyone!

    It took some time, but the winners have now been drawn and contacted. Congratulations to the lucky ones, and a big thank you to all of you for participating in our first giveaway! We are really happy and thankful for all the great feedback you have given us, and we hope you continue to listen to the podcast.

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