Episode 20: Moon Troupe (月組)

Moon Troupe love! Join Becca, Carly, and Jen in their flailing and discussions of Moon Troupe now and in the past.

Correction: Eternal Tale was Haruna Yuri’s 2nd to last show, not her very last, which was War and Peace.

Links (Things Mentioned)

Couldn’t find the butterfly-clip pic, but have a sassy Rika in all her crazy-haired glory.



  • aite (相手) – partner
  • daihyou (代表) – representative, in Takarazuka fan clubs, it’s the lovely lady in charge
  • fukubukuro (福袋) @ Wikipedia
  • hakama (袴) – green hakama are traditional wear for graduation
  • irimachi/demachi (入待/出待) – waiting for the actresses before and after shows
  • kawaii (可愛い) – cute
  • nibante (二番手) – 2nd ranked role/actress
  • nihonmono (日本物) – set in historical Japan
  • pachipachi (パチパチ) – among other things, it’s the sound effect for clapping


15 thoughts on “Episode 20: Moon Troupe (月組)”

  1. PROBABLY NO ONE CARES but I realized after the fact (and totally forgot to mention) that the horse story I told was actually from Celebration 100 and not the Yume no Saiten on the actual anniversary ^^;

  2. Since Tsukigumi is my favorite troupe I loved this episode. Have to agree with Jen about the Japanese in Prince of the land of Roses (Beauty and the Beast). I watched it with two of my fellow Japanese students and we were amazed how much we understood.
    I have a lot of favorites in that troupe from over the years and would like an in depth look at the current members. It’s hard to know the youngsters when all you are looking at are DVDs.

    1. Oh, that’s so cool! I’d never really thought of that about Rose Prince before, but it struck me while I was listening the other week. Cool to hear that I wasn’t imagining things!

      Ditto on the youngsters. XD I am so out of the loop it’s impossible. The kids who are in their last year of shinkos this year debuted in 2011! That is insane….

  3. Thanks for another great episode! Troupe-specific podcasts were such a great idea

    Rika was definitely all about the crazy hair and fashion, it’s totally the first thing that comes to mind when I think about her too xD Her personality + late 90’s/early 00’s fashion, in particular had some pretty…impressive results.

    About the “Police Chief for a Day” thing, Becca was right, it’s a PR event to promote the force and things like traffic safety. All kinds of famous people have done it, from actors and models, to idols, siennes, kabuki actors, even Ultraman at one point iirc xD It’s not just for the police either, the fire brigade and tax bureau also do “Chief for a Day” events.

    1. I’m glad you’re liking the troupe-specific shows! We’ll definitely keep going on them. 🙂

      Rika was just so… Rika♥

      Echoing Carly, thanks for the info on Chief!

  4. Hi, I always enjoy your podcast!

    Just for your information, Tsurugi Miyuki’s nickname “Utako” came from a Japanese female comedian Kyo Utako. Tsurugi Miyuki’s classmates nicknamed her that because Tsurugi Miyuki had a (physically) big mouth and that made her look like Kyo Utako, though I have never thought they look alike.

    She is such a wonderful singer/actress and I am lucky I could see many her live performances in the 80’s

    I look forward to upcoming episodes!

    1. Ahah, that is so funny! I’d never heard that about Tsurugi Miyuki’s nickname before. LOVE it! Thank you for sharing! 😀 Do you have a link to a picture of the singer Kyo Utako?

      1. If you search 京唄子 online, you can see her pics. She’s almost 90 now and I haven’t seen her on TV for a while, but she used to be a very popular comedian/actress decades ago.

  5. This was a great podcast : ) I was giggling at the part about Rika’s hair, and the photo above slayed me. She is one of my personal favorites and seeing the energy she gives off and the atmosphere in her otokoyaku performance mode and how different it is from her everyday look fascinates me. There’s some kind of transformation going on when this person starts to perform that I can’t look away from. Rika amazes me and I was glad I wasn’t the only one a bit concerned about some of the style choices,lol. When it comes to some of that hair and I guess hairstyles in and out of photo shoots, etc. though….Sometimes I wonder and maybe someone can answer this for me, but did the people who make style decisions for otoko/musumeyaku onstage also choose the hairstyles of some otokoyaku offstage, or are there some people who are innovative about their look and just can’t be stopped? XD I suppose there was someone behind designing and styling hair for photoshoots, but what about other times?
    Having fun trying to catch up on episodes and looking forward to more. Thanks for making my art time even more fun!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it! <3

      I don't think anyone "officially" directs and chooses otokoyaku hairstyles offstage, but my impression is that unofficially they're influenced by upperclassmen, directors, company norms, etc. Like I've heard of otokoyaku being told by their upperclassmen that they should stop wearing certain pieces of clothing if they're deemed unfashionable – it's not an "official" order from the company, but this sort of thing is taken very seriously by seito.

      Also, directors get some say in wigs and hair color, although I think ultimately responsibility for making sure hair dye and/or wigs are correct falls to the seito themselves.

  6. Hi,
    Thank you very much for this episode. It was honestly one of my favorite!
    I was a bit surprised though that nobody mentioned that Tsukigumi is THE dance troupe. There is for me a huge difference between Tsuki and the other troupes in terms of dance. As it is my job, I am quite pernickety about it, but to be honest it is the only troupe where everybody has a”professional level”to my eyes.
    Looking forward the next episodes ! It is always a pleasure to listen to your podcast.

    Ps: could you do an episode about combis. With a quick look on biggest combis of the history and then each member speaking about their favorite combi of all time, why they love them, favorite show with them, favorite scene/song, fun facts…
    I think that could be interesting !
    (And maybe also a serie about specific actresses, each member could choose one actress and speak about her career, best roles, songs …)

  7. Hey ladies, thanks for this episode! I don’t have much to add except that I’m happy Carly talked about Kizuki Yuuma <3 Pretty sure she caught my eye all the way back when was a TMS student. Carly, when you talked about her skills and the types of roles she gets, I think I realized she's like the second coming of Yuumi Hiro. Tomochin also had a really big presence; not because she was tall, but something that came from inside. Perhaps you would call each of them… not a "man's man", but an "otokoyaku's otokoyaku" 😉 Now I really really need to see her best roles!!

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