Special #4: Sekkasho / Konjiki no Sabaku

Join Kitty, Lella, and special guest (and Hanagumi enthusiast) Garnet for an impromptu but rather extensive chat about Flower Troupe’s Snowflake Anthology and Golden Desert.

Warning: Because of the way this episode was recorded, there is background noise which cannot be filtered out.

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Sekkasho/Konjiki no Sabaku @takawiki
Shonichi video @youtube (first day)
Fantasia (Revue) (Hana) @takawiki
Takarazuka Odori @takawiki
Romance (Revue) (Hoshi)@takawiki
Greatest Hits (Revue) (Yuki) @takawiki
Kamisama Hajimemashita @wikipedia
Amagi Goe @youtube
Kamen Rider @wikipedia
Hokusai wave (image)
Kiyohime @wikipedia
Ueda Kumiko @takawiki
Hoshiai Hitoyo @takawiki
Tsukigumo no Miko @takawiki
The Count of Monte Cristo @takawiki
El Halcon @takawiki
Me and My Girl @takawiki

Asumi Rio ‘Mirio’ @takawiki
Kano Maria ‘Kanochan’ @takawiki
Aren Touma @takawiki
Yuzuka Rei ‘Karei’ @takawiki
Seto Kazuya @takawiki
Serika Toa ‘Kiki’ @takawiki
Senna Ayase ‘Yuki’ @takawiki
Hozuki An @takawiki
Ousaki Ayaka ‘Beichan’ @takawiki
Sakino Mion @takawiki
Mano Kazuma @takawiki
Kazumi Shou @takawiki
Matsumoto Yuri @takawiki
Oto Kurisu @takawiki
Tenma Michiru @takawiki
Hanano Juria @takawiki
Minami Maito ‘Maitee’ @takawiki
Maisora Hitomi @takawiki
Siennes mentioned in the Shinko(Shinjin Kouen) part are not listed. Please refer to the Golden Desert Takawiki page.

Shamisen (三味線) – traditional Japanese string instrument.
Kandou (感動) – to feel moved.
Tanabata (七夕) – summer festival in July/August. @wikipedia
Honkouen (本公演) – the main cast version of the play (as opposed to the Shinjin Kouen (新人公演) version)
Kanpeki (完璧) – perfect, flawless
Subarashii (素晴らしい) – wonderful, magnificent

(Kitty’s overflowing feelings regarding Tanabata and the tv show Kamen Rider Den-O are because of the Tanabata-themed romance of two characters separated by time paradox; one of the characters in Kamen Rider Den-O is designed after the constellations Vega and Altair, which are associated with the Tanabata story.)

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Special #4: Sekkasho / Konjiki no Sabaku

15 thoughts on “Special #4: Sekkasho / Konjiki no Sabaku”

  1. This was not on my list of DVDs to buy. Then you say that the revue is the best so far for Hanagumi. After they did Fantasia? Then you tell me that the otokoyaku dance is choreographed by the same person that did the otokoyaku dance for Fantasia which rose to the top of the list of my favorite otokoyaku dance. OK…that did it. It’s on the list.
    Love these on the spot reviews.
    Since I still have trouble understanding Japanese I would really enjoy hearing some spoilers. Maybe you can have a section at the end for spoilers.

    1. it’s strange because when I saw the shonichi video on youtube the first time, despite having seen the show already and knowing what a magical revue it is, I didn’t think it seemed all that interesting from the video itself. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the fact that it cuts between the scenes/songs, and that sekkasho in itself is a fantastic revue and an excellent show, but that it does not translate well into a few minutes of footage. (I mean, of course there is also the element of being in the room and feeling the music vibrating in your body, which adds to the whole euphoria of the thing, but I wouldn’t have thought that mattered quite as much when I think of how much I enjoy DVDs of other shows I’ve seen live.) but yeah, I wouldn’t have thought it to be as great as it was from having just seen the promo videos.

      I think for the most part we try to avoid spoilers but at the same time try to give enough information for people who don’t know Japanese to grasp the major plot points. I did speak to some friends who had seen Konsaba without knowing more than what was in the summary, and they had been quite confused about some plot points which I hadn’t even considered. if you do get the DVD feel free to ask me anything! I will happily watch along (I will definitely be getting one) and explain what’s going on if needed! :Db

  2. Always appreciate all your time and effort you put on Takarazuka Potcast.
    I really wanted to see this show live, but definitely will buy the DVD.
    If you want to see the next Soragumi in February, please be free to ask me.
    I will get the tickets for you. And look forward to your next Potcast episode.

    1. I don’t think I can adequately describe how much fun it is to do, and I’m so grateful that people take the time to listen. <3
      It would be so awesome if you could get tickets for us! It looks like it is going to be quite the show. 😀 I think I have seen you around on Facebook – would it be okay for me to contact you there in case we are looking into getting tickets?
      Thank you so much!

      1. Lella…
        Of course, please contact me anytime. I am happy to get the tickets for you guys.
        You may know this or not, Takarazuka has lots of politics within. Each star is obligated to sell certain numbers of tickets.
        The more tickets she sells, the faster she will become the upper bante. Aizuki Hikaru, whose parents and aunt are my friends, is 3 bante now in Soragumi, so she has to sell as many tickets as she can.
        If you know the date you want to go see, please let me know. Hope to see you and get together in Mura while you are in Japan.

        1. Omg, Aizuki Hikaru is so beautiful! The most handsome Lucheni in my opinion. I definitely would like to support her, even in a small way. <3 I will have a chat with Kitty after the holidays and see. :)))

          1. Also, it would be great to meet up if possible! I’m in Kyoto so it’s not too far from either Osaka or Mura – my main problem is how busy my schedule is. .____.

  3. Ahhh I am so so so kicking myself for not going to see this show!!! The description on the website just didn’t do it justice and there was no preview, but when the first day photos and videos released I’ve had nothing but regret, so I’m so jealous of everyone who got to go see it (and see it multiple times)!

    Thank you guys for the podcast! I’m so so happy to hear all the wonderful things you guys have to say and I’m loving all of the “real time” podcasts from directly after the shows lately! I’m so totally preordering this Blu Ray because I need to see it ASAP aahh.

    The opening of Sekkashou sounds really similar to the opening of New Tale of Genji last year, which started with a few lines sung in the dark and the lights go on and just about the whole troupe is standing there in the beautiful costumes and set. We only saw it once but I can still remember that striking imagery very clearly.

    I’m going to make all of my friends in Tokyo who like zuka go see this show because I need to continue to live vicariously through everyone, haha ;_;

    I think the painting you’re thinking of from Hokusai is the Great Wave of Kanagawa from the series 36 views of Mt. Fuji.

    1. Heidi…
      That opening you have discribed, it happens often for Nihonmono openings, called ” Chonpa チョンパ ”
      I am not sure wether it is Takarazuka terminology or not, all my friends ( OG and current siennes) have said, ” Chonpa opening is always so beautiful and thrilled”

      1. I learn something new every day. Thank you for sharing that with us, Sakiko. 🙂
        It is indeed a very effective and thrilling way to start a show.

    2. I know, Heidi! Kitty was pretty much going ‘…this is the kind of high quality trash romance I am into’ from the time she translated the blurb, but I was thinking that I was going mainly for Mirio… until I actually saw it and found out that it was amazing in ways I hadn’t been able to imagine. The promotional photoshoot doesn’t really reflect the show itself. I have high hopes for this DVD! (I am saving my Christmas money for it XD)

      Thank you for listening! That makes me so happy. 😀

      We actually did watch Tale of Genji the night before we saw your comment, and we noticed the same thing. XDD I didn’t know it was called Chonpa though (thank you Sakiko!) (and Genji Monogatari is such a visually pleasing show despite Genji being a pro at Making Bad Choices. Mirio aced all of the singing~~ was she as good in the flesh??)

      I wish I could see it again, but I think I can’t justify a trip to Tokyo right now. *gazes into purse*

      I think you’re probably right – I included a link to the image I meant, but I didn’t see the title of it anywhere.

      1. Yeah, truthfully it didn’t really sound all that good to us, so we ended up planning the trip in September — we got to see I Love Einstein instead (with help from Sakiko!! <3 <3) which was easily my favorite show we saw in the entire trip (I wish we had been able to go five more times, it was just so good and I will forever cry that there won't be a DVD), but all of the visuals for both the show and the revue are so amazing it just kills me. It's going to be a long month+ waiting for the DVD release!

        Genji was incredible live, the DVD just doesn't really do it justice at all and I know it will likely be the same for Sekkashou. Mirio definitely didn't fail to deliver, haha (nor did the rest of Hanagumi). We've only ever seen any Hanagumi show once, so we're planning to fix that come either June or August for their next grand theater/tokyo show.

        And yep! That's the one, probably his most famous. They did a huge Hokusai exhibition in Tokyo and Boston in 2015/2016 (ironically most of the collection exhibited in Tokyo was from the Boston Museum of Fine Arts because it houses the largest number of woodblock prints outside Japan). Very cool in person but he's done a lot of other great stuff too:


  4. Tanabata originated (?) from China but I think it’s now more culturally relevant in Japan. There was a lot of cultural exchange btwn Japan/China during Tang dynasty so you’ll see a lot of the influence from Tang China in Japan, especially the further back in history you go. Rather you can use Han/Tang Dynasty as a sort of marker for when East Asia was a cultural Pangea, then everyone differentiates into something unique after that. I think it comes from popular convention & art style but Takarazuka will use more “ancient Chinese-y” costumes to signal we are in a mythical setting and really ancient history.

    In fact, where Zuka can be a tad culturally insensitive they do have their East Asian costumes straight (which is logical given geography & Asian dramas everywhere). When they decide to do something Chinese they get the period costume & hair style generally correct. They get greeting bows and other nuances correct too. What little Korean costumes I’ve seen look accurate as well.

    And Mirio doing some minor slip on recording day is becoming some sort of tradition, apparently. ^^;

  5. Wow, this sounds amazing. I love Japanese-style revues… and I get the feeling that if/when I see it I would agree it’s too short! They always do that format of Nihonmono show first, then the oshibai half, then *another* finale (because otherwise how would you have the grand staircase…) But yeah. I heard really good things about Kano-chan’s role in her final performance, so I’m very interested in seeing this *___*

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