Episode 21: The End is Nigh!

What’s that!? No top musumeyaku in Cosmos Troupe!!! The end is nigh!!!!

… Or perhaps not.

Join Carly, Becca, and Jen as they consider which Cosmos Troupe musumeyaku may most benefit from this move, and all of the times in the past that this has happened. What’s your take on all this kerfuffle, Dear Listeners?

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Episode 21: The End is Nigh!

18 thoughts on “Episode 21: The End is Nigh!”

  1. Ah, this was so interesting!! I love listening to you guys because you always have so much background info. <3

    A++ to Jen's acting skills XDD

    1. Thanks for the note! I knew she was still performing but didn’t realize she was under the Umegei umbrella… and yes, she is in some rather elite company there, her inclusion is noteworthy.

  2. First of all, great episode! I wasn’t worried per say, but it’s good to know this isn’t the end of the world. Secondly, I’ll put my hands up and admit, Soragumi is a year older than I am, Excalibur/Citrus Breeze played in the 1000 Days Theatre pretty much a year before I was born.
    Always appreciate all the knowledge you guys have on things, another entertaining and interesting episode!

      1. ha! yes I did wonder. and almost certainly! the troupe became an adult last year, which is pretty cool to think about (if slightly scary too)


      I always tell my students I’m sucking up their energy like a vampire because they have too much of it and I need more~~~

      (I think they think I’m joking.)

  3. I think it’s always good to have partner at the top. I think it was Sena Jun that said that being a top star was lonely. In a troupe where the ones closest to you are waiting for you to retire it’s good to have someone that supports you and is somebody that you can count on.

    1. I remember that Sena Jun interview! It was during her 2009 Elisabeth rehearsals, wasn’t it? There were a lot of things such as her private practices with the speech/singing coaches and everybody was kinda shocked because of the way she worded her response. It sounded SUPER SERIOUS in a super direct way.

      1. Is that the Jounetsu Tairiku episode, or am I thinking of something else? I remember that one. She seemed so resigned in it, you could tell she was nearing the end of her rope. Which was strange, because I always thought she held up so much better than some of the other top stars physically. (Although I had Japanese friends who complained she was getting fat! And here I thought it was nice one top star wasn’t wasting away….)

    2. That’s a really good point, about everyone else closest to you waiting for you to retire… I never really thought of it that way. I can definitely see how it would be lonely for the top star without a partner.

  4. This episode was super interesting ! Would be great to have more like that one!
    It is exactly the kind of discussions I have with my zuka friends and it is great to hear different point of view and to speculate a little bit ;P
    First Time i hear about those rumors about yuhisumi retirement. As a Yuhisumi hardcore fan, I wonder where you got those informations…? 😉
    I don’t see lots of rumors on twitter… or maybe I don’t follow the right persons ?

    As for the main subject. I think that unfortunately Asaka Manato will retire soon… And I hope we get Urara and Makaze together next. That would be a very special combi compared to the other but that could be interesting. Less prince/princess more like a strong adult couple, more otonappoi …
    Madoka is vocally ready but she is still a bit chubby to my eyes and I think it is better for her and for us to let her wait a bit. But she will for sure be a wonderful top star in the future with a bit more maturity.

    1. To be honest, just from a friend through the grapevine (who probably heard it from someone else), so take the whole thing with a grain of salt. For what it’s worth, Classico Italiano/Nice Guy is set up like a sayonara show IMO – it’s been a while since I watched it, but I feel like there’s at least one scene in the revue that has a really strong sayonara feel to it.

  5. I had to listen to this. I really,really like Urara and I love how I can buy any programme book or kageki and she would be in it. In the Ikeda Bank advert, of course. I was quite pissed because I was really hoping for her to become a top musumeyaku. But I also have a newfound fondness for Hoshikaze Madoka after watching her as little Rudolph in Sorabeth. I don’t know why I almost teared up during her scene, she’s so precious.

    Anyway, good episode. You’ve certainly touched on things that I’ve been wondering for quite sometime, like if a top star has a say in choosing her partner and about all the previous top musumeyaku vacancies. I’m truly impressed by your knowledge. Sasuga senpai XD

  6. It’s funny to listen to this belatedly, knowing what we know now 😉 But you all seemed to kind of reach this conclusion toward the end, that the most likely scenario was Maakun retiring. I heard, though, that she wanted Mirion to have a grand send-off in her own right and that’s why they did separate retirement shows <3

    As far as top stars picking their own partner, I think what Becca said is most likely… only someone like Mizu, who already was a top star very popular / sold well, would have much say in her musumeyaku partner. That seems most likely… Since there are definitely cases where we've heard that the top combi didn't get along very well 😛

    In any case, what's done is done, and I'm excited to see what Makaze and Madoka-chan bring to the table!

  7. Thank you so much for all this insight!

    I can by the way confirm Ai-chan’s original plans to become an otokoyaku. One of my university teachers in Japan had been a school teacher of hers and Ai-chan had told her about her plans when she was still at school.

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