Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #5: Moon 2005


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Elisabeth song titles in English and German @ Wikipedia


Ayaki Nao ‘Saeko’ @ TakaWiki
Sena Jun ‘Asako’ @ TakaWiki
Hatsukaze Midori ‘Gaichi’ @ TakaWiki
Kiriya Hiromu ‘Kiriyan’ @ TakaWiki
Ozora Yuhi ‘Yuhi’ @ TakaWiki
Ayana Oto @ TakaWiki
Mimi Anri @ TakaWiki
Yumesaki Nene ‘Nene’ @ TakaWiki
Ryuu Masaki ‘Masaki/Masao’ @ TakaWiki
Shirosaki Ai ‘Ai-chan’ @ TakaWiki


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Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #5: Moon 2005

6 thoughts on “Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #5: Moon 2005”

  1. Still my favorite Elisabeth, even after all these years! And, Carol, I totally have to agree about Chizu’s Sophie and Gaichi’s Franz Joseph. One loved to be bossy and one loved to be bossed. XD

  2. This was my first Takarazuka DVD and I consider this production to be my gateway drug. I fell in love with Kiriya and Oozora in this production and scheduled my first Japan trip when both Moon and Cosmos troupes were performing so I got to see them both as top stars. Kiriya is still my favorite Lucheni.

  3. Ayaki Nao’s vibrato distracts me quite a bit – so far as to make me less able to concentrate on her acting, unfortunately. she does get all the points for looking fabulous though. <3

    imo Sena Jun really carries the production, she is awesomepants (despite only wearing dresses XDD) and maybe having played Elisabeth added some flavour to her portrayal of death in 2009…

    lolol, Hatsukaze Midori's Franz Puppy Face is exceptional indeed XDD and Kiriyan~~~

    this was such good fun to listen to! <3

  4. Am I the only person who thinks Ayaki Nao’s vibrato resonates at the same wavelength as the ultimate happiness inside my heart? I love her so much in this role, from the singing to the acting I think she is spot on and yes, a very sneaky and pouty Tod. This was my introduction to Takarazuka as well and is still my favorite production. Thank you so much for doing a corner on my favorite Elisabeth! I was laughing so hard at the part about how Franz looks like a lost puppy because it’s so true.

  5. I love these Elisabeth corners because you ladies always go in-depth on the siennes’ portrayals of each role <3 I'm so glad you love Gaichi so much, I love her too!! But despite looking like a kicked puppy she also makes an excellent villain (as seen in her last show later that year, A Kiss to the Flames…)

    I couldn't remember if Asako or Kiriyan was the one who played kind of a "drunk" Lucheni… XD I thought it was Kiriyan but maybe it was Asako after all? I'll have to go back and compare 🙂

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