Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #6: Snow 2007


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Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #6: Snow 2007

3 thoughts on “Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #6: Snow 2007”

  1. I find myself agreeing with you guys a lot on this one. Mizu is my favorite Der Tod as well, mostly because of the superb way she emotes with her entire body throughout the show and the little things we see in her performance. The double take right after the beginning of Ai to Shi no Rondo is AMAZING! And the anger she shows after Die Maladie (can’t recall the name of the song in Japanese!) before coming down from the chaise is palpable. She’s an amazing actor!

    Also, this was my first Takarazuka DVD. I bought it after saving for MONTHS and I was out of this world when it finally arrived! Oh, memories. lol

    (About the tattoo motif thingy, I think you mean the little vine things they had running along all the costumes in the Viennese production, right? Is this one here: http://www.kultur-channel.at/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/shanghai2.jpg)

  2. I have a Japanese friend who is a big fan of the original musical and she said she’s willing to watch the Zuka production for my sake. I’m still not sure which version to show her (I haven’t seen all) but people say that this is probably the best one. I agree about Kaname being the best Rudolf though, she’s a really talented actress.

    You guys kept mentioning the raku, can I request for a livestream sometime?

  3. I think Hankyu really planned out all of the transfers / promotions in Yukigumi specifically to have this knock-out cast for Elisabeth 😉 I feel like all of the main players are really well suited to their roles. Yumiko and Kimu are my favorites — especially Yumiko, I just die for her voice!!

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