Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #7: Moon 2009

Elisabeth 2009 @takawiki

Takarasiennes: (listed in the order of first mention)
Sena Jun ‘Asako’ @takawiki
Nagina Ruumi ‘Kacha’ @takawiki
Ryuu Masaki ‘Masao/Masaki’ @takawiki
Kiriya Hiromu ‘Kiriyan’ @takawiki
Ryouga Haruhi @takawiki
Aoki Izumi @takawiki
Asumi Rio ‘Mirio’ @takawiki
Hazakura Shizuku @takawiki
Shirosaki Ai @takawiki
Seijou Kaito ‘Magee’ @takawiki
Koshino Ryuu @takawiki
Ranno Hana @takawiki
Shimon Yuria @takawiki
Uzuki Hayate @takawiki

Siennes mentioned who are not in this play:
Mizu Natsuki @takawiki

Heika: (Your) Majesty
Omiai: Arranged marriage (often the meeting/date)
‘Koutei rashii’: Emperor-like (looks, behaviour)
Chicchai: Small
Tomodachi: Friend
Keigo: Polite language
Hane: feathers (in this particular conversation it is the feathers worn by the top star/top musume/nibante at the end of the parade)

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Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #7: Moon 2009

2 thoughts on “Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #7: Moon 2009”

  1. Lella, your enthusiasm is contagious<3 Great episode, ladies!

    I had thought I was burnt out on Elisabeth, but then club did its guilt thing on me and... well, it was Masaki's first big role in the Daigekijou, so I ended up seeing it twice in Mura and seven times in Tokyo. Four times from tachimi (can't blame any of those on club, can I?), and I have to say I was still struck by the subtleties of Asako's acting. They carried over very well, even when she was rarely my focus.

    As a complete side note, while checking my tickets from this show I found one for Tani's sayonara koen. I have no recollection of seeing that show. ^^; Oh my god, I'm finally really losing my marbles.

  2. I’m glad that everyone was so positive about Kacha’s singing and acting. The announcement of her playing Elisabeth was very upsetting to me because I thought all of the fans would hate her… But yes, I think her singing voice has a very specific tone or color that maybe not everyone likes; I’m happy that some people do though <3 Come to think of it, the blending of her voice with Kiriyan's was very good, I think?

    I'm sad, I saw this live but I don't have the DVD so I can't go back and rewatch right now. I'd like to though, because I'm interested to see it again after hearing your interpretations of the other siennes' portrayals. I definitely agree that it was difficult to see Kacha as Older Elisabeth, especially matched with someone like Ahi or Morie as her "son"… was really not believable ^_^;; But her acting still moved me very much <3 I also loved Masaki's Lucheni!!

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