Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #8: Flower 2014

Elisabeth 2014 @takawiki
e-meersie‘s Musical Analysis of Elisabeth (leitmotifs) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5) (part 6) (part 7) (part 8)
H.P. Lovecraft @wikipedia

Takarasiennes: (listed in the order of first mention)
Asumi Rio ‘Mirio’ @takawiki
Ranno Hana @takawiki
Hokushou Kairi ‘Micchan’ @takawiki
Nana Kurara @takawiki
Nozomi Fuuto ‘Daimon’ @takawiki
Serika Toa ‘Kiki’ @takawiki
Yabuki Sena @takawiki
Haryuu Mitsuki @takawiki
Shihou Nanami @takawiki
Sakura Ichika @takawiki
Yuuma Rin @takawiki
Taiga Rin @takawiki
Minami Maito @takawiki
Yuzuka Rei @takawiki
Kano Maria ‘Kanochan’ @takawiki
Saezuki Runa @takawiki

Siennes mentioned who are not in this play:
Mizu Natsuki @takawiki
Sena Jun @takawiki
Ema Naoki ‘Junko’ @takawiki

Kyakka: reject/dismiss
Kyuu ni: suddenly/abruptly
Oogesa: grandiose/exaggerated
Medetashi medetashi: and so they lived happily ever after
Kappa: mythical Japanese water creature (wikipedia)
‘Ijou desu’: that is all/I’m done/it’s finished.
Hachimitsu pakku: honey facial pack
Kiguu desu: it’s a coincidence/unexpected meeting
Otsukaresama (deshita): thank you for your hard work
Kimazui: unpleasant/awkward

Correction: Schwarzenberg is played by Haryuu Mitsuki – Lella apologises for not remembering her name during the recording.

10 thoughts on “Elisabeth Revue Corner Special #8: Flower 2014”

  1. This was the only version I’ve seen in person. I thought that Mirio had just the right amount of creepiness. Over all a good production but 2005 is still my favorite. What you don’t see on the Elisabeth DVDs is how much time the Dark Angels are on stage and dancing.

    1. aaaah, I would have loved to have seen it… but I didn’t even know Takarazuka existed at that point, so I can’t be blamed XDD

      I thought that her Death was creepy and smug and awesome, and it wasn’t until I noticed the second of horror on Kiki’s face that I started reinterpreting the whole character (…after binge-listening to the H.P. Lovecraft podcast XD). so it’s actually Kiki’s fault Mirio’s Death is the creepiest thing I ever did see.

      I haven’t really thought about how much time the Dark Angels are on stage, but they are in a fair few of the scenes! would you say that being a Dark Angel is a pretty big part to get? (and the choreography is so great as well.)

  2. Lella, like you this was the show that really got me into zuka! I had the privilege of it being my very first show live before I even really knew what it was. Truthfully I don’t remember very much from that performance except that I was in tears at the end because I was so impressed. All downhill from there! As a result I’ll always be super biased towards this version of Elisabeth, but I do think that musically speaking overall it is one of the best, if not the best of the lot because the chorus blending is just so perfect and movements are so rhythmically minded. Everyone is cast so perfectly for the roles (in my not so humble opinion) and I think that has a lot to do with why I came to love Hanagumi so much.

    Kiki’s performance in this show is what really drew me to her, so all your comments about her made me so happy <333 thank you! She really knows how to kick you in the gut with that kind of emotion and anguish, and I was very happy to see her bring back a lot of that same heart-wrenching feeling but with more refinement and maturity to her recent role in Golden Desert. Please continue to break my heart over and over again, Kiki!

    One shoutout I want to give that wasn't mentioned (ok I'd shout out to literally everyone because see earlier I think this cast is perfection and I love everyone in Hanagumi but I'll keep it to this haha) is Senna Ayase as Windisch – it's a small but powerful role that really first put her on the radar for me. I love how she just really goes for it and also matches up against Ranno Hana really well. One of my favorite moments in the show is when she reaches out to brush a tear from Elisabeth's face </3

    You guys touched on this, but one of my other favorite things (there are soo many) about this version is the way that both Ranno Hana and Micchan age Elisabeth and Franz Joseph – I just love how they both go from young, wide-eyed innocence and elegantly transform them into their older, more cynical and anguished selves. On that note, I never really thought about the idea of FJ taking his frustrations out on Rudolf, but it makes total sense!! So thanks for that insight.

    Man I could go on and on forever but I'll stop here for now, haha. Thank you for a wonderful episode on this Elisabeth (and all the others, which I also listened to so I have been looking forward to this one quite a bit!).

    1. OH P.S. the “~Wow~” you mentioned earlier when they’re talking about the honey packs and Elisabeth’s beauty secrets is totally Daimon and it cracks me up every single time I watch it hahaha.

      1. amg, I have so much bias for this version of Elisabeth. I’ve seen so many versions of Elisabeth so many times now that I have gotten to the stage where I don’t really feel the need to watch it any more XD until I put this version on and suddenly I CAN’T STOP WATCHING. it’s so good~~~~

        not mentioning Senna Ayase is my Biggest Regret in this pod – we recorded it long before the announcement that she was going to make top was made, and due to how long this ep was turning out I decided to skip my Senna Ayase bit. DDD:

        List of Things which were Omitted:
        #1. Senna Ayase spotting is one of my favourite pastimes in this production – the is fabfab in many scenes and it makes me happy to see her. For example, she can be seen (and heard!!) being spectacular in the scene where Ludovika announces that Helene is going to marry FJ. I love her singing.

        #2. Micchan’s long eyelashes makes it look like she is going to bring the curtain down if she blinks too fast at the end of the first act. …which makes me giggle through her gorgeous singing in Watashi Dake Ni. XDDD

        #3. More Mirio Flail (idk about anyone else but I could have flailed more)

        #4. Mirio’s outfit in ‘Milk’. All Mirio’s outfits.

        #5. MIRIO’S HAIR.

        #6. Mirio clearly saying ‘ima’ and not viva in the 2009 shinko. XDD SHE CAN SAY IT I SWEAR.

        ….#7. The shinko. It hadn’t been aired when we recorded the episode, but I had seen it before the ep was posted, and I am now all REGRET that there is nothing about it in this ep because it is So Good. Karei, Kanochan,Senna Ayase, KAZUMI SHOU. HOGOD KAZUMI SHOU. *______________________________*

        amg it’s Daimon who goes ‘wow’? actually…. now that you say it I can totally hear it XDD (tbh I didn’t even need to listen to it again because I know it well enough already to simply replay it in my mind XDDD)

        I could talk about this show forever it seems. I really can’t get enough of it. and this episode is probably my personal favourite to date, because it always makes me crack up so much. we had so much fun recording it. <333 I love Elin and Anna to bits. ;__________;
        thank you so much for listening and commenting Heidi, it made me super happy. (sorry I didn't reply until now – I had a bit of a crazy day :P)

        1. I am dying to see the shinko for this for all of those reasons you mentioned!!! I need to badger someone to stream it…how I wish skystage was available streaming online!! c’mon hankyu!

          KAZUMI SHOU IS AMAZING AND I HOPE SHE GETS TO DO MORE STUFF COMING UP BECAUSE WOW. She was A+ in I Love Einstein and also her beautiful solo in Sekkashou is just like. Dang. Unbury Kazumi Shou, let her shine!

          If I’m totally honest, I’ve never heard “viva” XD;;

          I too, love all of Mirio’s costumes in this production, A++++. Her whole styling is so good in general.

          I could also go on and on and on haha!

    1. thank you for assuaging my fears! XDD
      it’s nice to know one of my absolute favourites will be with us for a long time <33333

  3. AH… This is the Elisabeth production I knew the least about because it was during my “off” years as a Zuka fan. (For the other versions, I could probably name all the major roles from memory…) I love Ran-chan, I love Ichika-san, I love Marin-san, but to be honest what really perked my ears up were your shout-outs to some of the smaller roles! Nana Kurara as the mother of the prisoner! Taiga Rin as Madame Wolf *__* Minami Maito as Madeline *____* SHIHOU NANAMI as ANYTHING (haha, okay, Rauscher)… But I laughed when you mentioned Saezuki Runa. She is NOT a baby, she is only one ken year younger than Mirio!! She is only a baby to old fans like me lmao~ (She is a very cool person though <3)

    Anyway, Lella — your love for Mirio really shines through <33333 I'm very intrigued by your (very detailed 😉 description of her Der Tod… I hope I have the opportunity to see this someday!!

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