Special #5: Grand Hotel / Carousel Rondo

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Tamaki Ryou ‘Tamakichi’
Manaki Reika ‘Chapi’
Miya Rurika ‘Miyaruri’
Akatsuki Chisei ‘Ari’
Asami Jun
Saotome Wakaba
Umino Mitsuki ‘Umichan’
Chinami Karan
Shimon Yuria
Touka Yurino
Hanagata Hikaru
Ayazuki Seri
Takachi Ao ‘Manchan’
Saki Akane
Kirami Ruise
Misato Yumeno

Siennes mentioned not in this show:
Suzukaze Mayo

Senshuuraku (千秋楽): Last performance of a show
Kumichou (組長): Most senior member of a troupe
Seeno (せーの): Ready, and…
Kui ga nai (悔いがない): There are no regrets

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Special #5: Grand Hotel / Carousel Rondo

6 thoughts on “Special #5: Grand Hotel / Carousel Rondo”

  1. I came to leave a comment on the previous podcast and this one is already up! Ah so excited to have a listen later!

    1. I hope you like it! XDD it’s not intentional – we just managed to record a lot of things around the same time.

  2. A scene in Brazil? IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE!

    Ok, so the police thing with the capoeira players is actually grounded in reality. Capoeira is actually a fighting style disguised as a dance and it was fiercely repressed by the police in the early 20th Century. Kudos to Inaba Daichi for thinking about that.

    The ladies in the huge dresses in the background? Sounds like they’re representing “baianas”, usually old ladies known in the afro-brazilian communities for being pillars of their communities, making DELICIOUS food, being leaders in Afro-Brazilian religious practices and being a fundamental part of the Carnival Parades in Rio. Check them out!

    And the butterfly things Chapi and Tamakichi have on? They’re a mestre-sala (master of the room) and porta-bandeira (flag-bearer) pair! During Carnival Parades, they’re responsible for presenting the judges with the Samba School’s flag . It’s a super difficult job because there’s a bunch of rules like she can only spin and walk while parading, the flag must never be dipped, touch the ground or the mestre-sala and so on. Here’s what they look like in Brazil. The rest of Tsukigumi in that scene is either dressed as passistas (samba dancers) or malandros (a somewhat mythical figure of Rio that condenses the bon-vivant, party animal, ladies man kinda of guy)

    Hope that helped! 😀

    1. Hi Igor! (Sorry that I didn’t approve this comment before – I didn’t realise it was pending. I think it was due to the links. I edited them out due to malware warnings. Sorry if they were important.)

      Amg this is so cool!! I love learning new things and especially when I don’t even realise that there are things to learn. 😀

      Are there classes in how to do Capoeira, or is it forbidden these days? Because that would be pretty cool to be able to do XDD

      The ladies with the big skirts were kind of like panniers at the sides and reminded me of some outfits in ‘springtime for hitler’ from The Producers, where a bunch of ladies come walking down on stage and have weird food themed outfits with tables and plates and things at their hips. XDD

      Do you think they might have gone to Brazil to research for shows like this one?

      1. Hey, Lella! No problem at all! Now, the answers to your questions:

        1) Capoeira is totally legal nowadays and there are classes all over Brazil! It’s such an important part of our history that it has been deemed an “intangible cultural heritage” by Unesco!

        2) That sounds more and more like baianas to me. They’re usually dressed in large hoop skirts and carry the treats they sell in large trays they balance on their heads!

        3) It’s possible. I remember reading an interview with Saito-sensei when Yukigumi was doing Rio de Bravo!! and he mentioned coming to Brazil and being inspired to write the show because of that. Seems like Inaba-sensei and Nakamura-sensei were both thinking about Brazil for a while, considering how Carousel Rondo’s chuuzume and Viva!Festa!’s prologue are about Brazil.

  3. I love capoeira as a style of dance! Lella, you are not weird for wanting to look at the seito’s feet 😉 I love that too <3

    I'm glad to hear some shout-outs to Chinami Karan and Shimon Yuriya! I hope they show up at least a little bit in the DVD ;____;

    Grand Hotel sounds really interesting!! I hope to catch a stream of it once the DVD is released <3

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