Episode 25: Oohi no Yakata (Chateau de la Reine) / VIVA! FESTA!

Lella has no excuses to offer as to the lateness of this episode, so all the happy things are from February.

Kitty, Lella and Garnet talk about the colourful Cosmos Troupe show Oohi no Yakata / VIVA! FESTA!

Oohi no Yakata @takawiki
Shonichi video @youtube (first day)
Stage photos [1] [2] [3] [4] @tumblr
Wind Over Yamataikoku promos [first one][new ones]
Walpurgis Night @wikipedia
Night on Bald Mountain @wikipedia [youtube]
Infinite – Be Mine @youtube
Whitney Houston – Greatest Love of All @youtube
Miranda @wikipedia

Asaka Manato ‘Maakun’
Misaki Rion ‘Mirion’
Makaze Suzuho ‘Yurika’
Sakuragi Minato
Aizuki Hikaru ‘Aichan’
Hoshikaze Madoka
Kotobuki Tsukasa ‘Kumichou’
Mikaze Maira ‘Fukukumichou’
Kazuki Sora
Sumiki Sayato
Sorahane Riku
Itsuki Chihiro
Reimi Urara
Haruha Rara
Kihou Kanata
Rukaze Hikaru ‘Rurukaze’
Hoshibuki Ayato
Fuuma Kakeru

Kumichou (組長): Most senior member of a troupe.
Fukukumichou (副組長): Vice-kumichou.
Kyakusekiori (客席降り): When siennes leave the stage to dance in the aisles.

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 25: Oohi no Yakata (Chateau de la Reine) / VIVA! FESTA!

5 thoughts on “Episode 25: Oohi no Yakata (Chateau de la Reine) / VIVA! FESTA!”

  1. I always love the commentaries / reviews by you ladies! Your excitement is such fun to listen to, haha.

    I mostly just wanted to comment and say that I really want to see the Night on Bald Mountain number now, wow.

    1. thank you so much for listening! :3

      amg that number is glorious – my heart still jumps a little at the thought of Makaze’s hair. XDD I think the DVD came out yesterday, actually! I’ll be scouring freeze-frames for Kihou Kanata’s little face in a not too distant future. XD

  2. I finally listened to this podcast after watching ‘Ouhi no Yakata’, although I haven’t watched ‘Viva Festa’ yet… Sounds like a lot to look forward to in the revue! (I think my brain short-circuited a bit when you mentioned kumichou in a witch’s dress *____* O____O *_______*)

    ‘Ouhi no Yakata’ definitely was very silly and funny, and honestly the costumes were about the wackiness level you can expect from Takarazuka… EXCEPT I kept getting so distracted by Mirion’s stockings @____@ Please, just have them be flesh-toned or a less egregious color!! They really clashed with her outfits and made me a bit crazy, lol. I agree with what you all said — maybe not the best taidan role, but at least she was her own person with her own plots and goals and not just “woman who conveniently shows up to be the love interest”.

    Also I cried over kumichou and fukukumichou, they were so good it was painful ;______;

    I’m glad you mentioned Monchi with the accordion, I just wish I could have seen more of her on the DVD!! *pouts* It sounds like it’s a show that could have been watched many times in the theater for background shenanigans 😉 <3

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