Episode 26: Star Troupe (星組)

Hyuuga Kaoru's epic 80s hair. April '89 GRAPHAdditions:

  • We mentioned Shion Yuu being ill or injured. Research on Wikipedia says that what happened was that she injured her Achilles tendon during rehearsals for Ephemeral Love. She was out for that entire Grand Theater run and the following national tour, but after rehabilitation came back for the Tokyo run.
  • Wikipedia also confirms that Kouju Tatsuki’s nickname (Taatan/Tartan) is from her real name (Takako).
  • Please enjoy Hyuuga Kaoru’s epic 80s hair. (April ’89 GRAPH)
  • Becca didn’t have any luck finding her Hoshigumi collage. If you know where to find it, please let us know!
  • The OG Wataru show with the Andre improv skit is Re-Birth. Totally worth it, if you can find the Sky Stage recording!
  • Look for a link to the Mariko lifts in the comments when I get a  chance. 🙂

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Episode 26: Star Troupe (星組)

14 thoughts on “Episode 26: Star Troupe (星組)”

  1. I found that video clip I lost! I forgot they cut it from the DVD and I never had a full Sky Stage version which explains why I couldn’t find it… but anyway get a cold glass of water and enjoy this absurdity https://youtu.be/7zGoYu0F8G0

    1. This bolero is so EPIC. How could you possibly not love a pair dance where Shirahane Yuri SCORPION KICKS in the middle of the choreography?

    2. Thank you for sharing this. I really enjoyed watching it. To me it felt very different from the regular finale duet dance in the Taka shows. The costumes are very pretty (love the metal feeling red color) and match to the scene very well. I like the strong emotional thing of this dance and it felt a little bit “bloody” too lol

      1. I agree! It’s so different from most duet dances, and it’s a vibe that I can’t imagine many people pulling off quite like Wataru (and I’ve always admired Tonami for being such a strong partner). The build up drives me crazy EVERY TIME!

        1. I haven’t really watched a real “Wataru & Tonami” show yet (only watched some video clips of “Mizu & Tonami”). Now I am getting very interested in this partnership because of this duet! Do you have any recommendation?

          I think Tonami presented a very mature style on stage as a musumeyaku (which is also kind of different from the regular musumeyaku style I guess?), and I remembered she was a big fan of ayaka (top musumeyaku star in hoshigumi during 1992-1997).

  2. This episode was SO GOOD! Hoshi holds a special place in my heart because the first EVER Takarazuka clip I’ve ever watched was the commercial for their 2006 BeruBara production. And it wasn’t even the finished product, it was the making off – it was basically two and half minutes of Wataru, Tonami and Komu looking SUPER INTENSE only to start giggling uncontrollably as soon as the director yelled cut! It was awesome.

    I became a fan o Takarazuka in 2006 and that year was WILD with top star retirements. I really got into it in the second half of the year when suddenly EVERYBODY was graduating. Wao and Ohana left in July, Wataru left in November and Komu and Maachan left in December. What a whirlwind of feelings those last six months were! Now that I think about, I got into the fandom as the late-80’s/early-90’s top stars were all the rage. Osa, Asa, Touko, Kashige, Mizu, Wataru, Takako…such a strong line up!

    Now that I think about, I (vaguely) remember reading somewhere that Wataru’s fans were hoping that she would become Hanagumi’s top star after Charlie’s sudden illness and retirement? And everybody was caught off-guard when Hankyu didn’t make any announcements and simply released the cast list for Elisabeth with Osa in the lead?

    Regarding the k-pop boy-band dancing thing, I have to agree with Jen when it comes to Taiyou Shijinki. I convinced several k-pop loving friends to give it a go with “but there’s a k-pop style number at the end!” and now this kind of number seems to be everywhere? Coto had a song in this style with several upperclassman and up-and-coming otokoyaku in The Entertainer and the Ghostbusters number in Greatest Hits! seemed to be going that way before it takes a major turn for the silly side of Zuka.

    And last but not least, I remember having this dream about meeting Mariko in the streets of São Paulo, where she lives here in Brazil, and she would try and talk to me in Portuguese but I wouldn’t understand a word she was saying! Oh, dear.

    1. Glad you liked it! I know which commercial you mean, it’s so funny!

      And I never heard that about Wataru and Hanagumi! I’m sure it was different while she was still in Senka, but thinking about it now I CANNOT imagine her in Hanagumi haha.

      1. I totally agree! Wataru’s such a perfect fit for Hoshigumi that imagining her in any other troupe is downright bizarre! I can’t for the life of me remember where I read this, I think it was on someone’s livejournal? (Wow, livejournal! Those were the days).

  3. Another great episode.. Thank you.
    I just want to tell you something.
    When I was invited for dinner by Aichan’s ( Aizuki Hikaru in Soragumi ) parents at their home a couple weeks ago, I introduced this Podcast program to them.
    Immediately they checked it out in front of my eyes, and they were so impressed. They said, they would try to listen to every episode. Hopefully they share it with Aichan, too.

  4. This is from a Snow troupe production, but since you all were talking about Kouju Tatsuki-san, I found this wonderful behind-the-scenes rehearsal video where she played Mori Keaki’s role in the Kono Koi wa Kumo no Hate Made Senka. It’s really awesome watching them hear the news, practicing, and learning from each other. Just thought I’d share! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdJxHqwjmEk

  5. This was a good episode, well done!

    To be honest, I have only recently become interested in Hoshigumi because someone recommended me some Kurenai5 materials. I was surprised you guys didn’t mention them. Or even (the original group) Aqua5 in the Yukigumi episode.

    Beni actually said in a talk show a few years ago that the one role she wanted to play was Percy Blakeney again, her sole shinko lead role and now she is as the Top Star 🙂

    Naporeon is such a good show, I especially love the musical numbers. And after watching it I realised that the composer is the same composer for Romeo & Juliet.

    Fav. Members: Don’t really have a fav and I don’t want to cheat like you guys did 😛
    But I pay attention to the Kurenai5 kids particularly Mikkii. There is also a kakyuusei that’s being appearing on my feeds lately, Seira Hitomi. Don’t know much about her but hoping she gets better roles in the future. Maybe?
    I also love Kouju Tatsuki after watching Arc De Triumph. She’s awesome.

  6. I was going to get all pedantic about the wiki again, but I see someone already updated Wataru’s profile to say “the *first* Takarasienne to be in the productions of all 5 troupes”. It makes sense now, that since she was part of the foundation of Soragumi she would get there first. While listening to the podcast I was like “that can’t be right, what about everyone in Senka…” 😉

    I’m still kicking myself for not listening to these before I helped record the Soragumi episode. I should have reined myself in with the Sora history so we could do a lightning-round silly quiz at the end!

    Anyway, as usual I loved listening to this, and I doff my cap to Becca for restraining herself and not going on forever about Micchan! 😉 Love all your picks for non-top members, as usual <3

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