Special #6: Upcoming Schedule Chatter

Join Becca, Lella, and Jen as they try to stay on topic and … mostly succeed? PLUS, fun news out of Seattle!

Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming shows!




30 thoughts on “Special #6: Upcoming Schedule Chatter”

  1. Oh snap I’ll be in CA too come time for that Seattle show! These quick update shows are nice – thank you! As a Tom fan *cracks knuckles* I totally agree with you Becca πŸ˜€ Unlike a lot of folks (I think, gauging fan numbers in English is tough) I really like her lack of blend with other troupes – when it makes sense for the role, which it usually does not – and her voice would be fabulous for age-appropriate roles. But you gotta admit, while Photoshop is an amazing tool, her photos in this month’s GRAPH confirm her vampirism.

    (Also, quick suggestion for future podcast – how do y’all think Takarazuka is going to handle the 2020 Olympics? Do you think they view it similarly to 2014 with all the amazing pomp and circumstance for their 100 years and thus will have a bunch of more shows? I think that’s when I’ll finally be saved up enough to go to Japan, but I’m not sure if it’ll be worth trying to go right in those few weeks or if I should go right before/after.)

    1. That’s a nice idea. Personally, I don’t think they’ll be doing a crazy amount of stuff. When Japan co-hosted the world cup, they formed a pop group to sing at the… opening ceremony, I think it was?

    2. XDDD oh dear, I hope we weren’t too hard on her. I love Tom though! her acting is stellar and she has such a deep, cool voice that I don’t even understand how she manages to do? (I am equally impressed by Ebira Kaoru’s voice though – how are these two even real?)

      I’ve heard that Japan is going to start prepping for the Olympics soon (2018-ish) but I’m not sure what it would mean for Zuka in particular…

  2. Just got my Om Shanti DVD in the mail. OMG it’s fantastic and I find myself singing the title song all day. Makoto is fantastic in it and I can’t wait to see her Chauvelin in Scarlet Pimpernel. No doubt who is nibante in that troupe.
    Can’t wait for December for the Seattle show. Already made my hotel reservations.
    Liked this podcast discussing current and upcoming shows.

    1. Om Shanti Om is so good!! I felt like it was a really good stage adaptation, and Kisaragi Ren was hilarious. she lights up my life, I swear. just. everything about that show is <3333333

      yay! I hope everyone has the best time in Seattle! I'm excited and I'm not even going. XDD

  3. Thanks for the episode!!! I am also so so so SO excited for Wind Over Yamataikoku, especially as a Hanagumi and Kiki fan. She’s been wanting to play a villain for a long time now so I’m very happy she’s finally getting the chance to really stretch herself. She’s so talented but they’ve been sticking her and Mirio together at the hip for so long (they are so good together so I can’t complain too much), and she needs to be able to show she can hold her own. It’s a little unfortunate that they put off her lead small theater show until this year so that it backs up against Yuzuka Rei’s, but I’m hoping that they’ll continue to let her have roles more independent of Mirio in that sense.

    I 100% agree with Lella that Mirio isn’t likely to retire with The Poe Family, since (and I believe this is common knowledge now?) she has renewed her Visa contract for another year and a half. It’s possible that she may retire with the grand theater show after that, though, at which point I would be very very shocked if they didn’t promote Kiki after – although it’s entirely possible that they’d pull a Hoshigumi and put someone in between the two of them for a brief run. Kiki is ken-11 this year, but she’s been nibante for two and a half years now, so she’d be just under the ken-13 mark if Mirio does retire late next year (which I think was determined to be average for an otokoyaku to achieve top star status in an earlier podcast?). Coto is wonderfully talented, but hasn’t been nibante for all that long and I think there’s a lot of things that an actress learns during that time period to prep them for becoming top star, so I’d hate for her to miss out on that kind of in the way that Tamakichi did.

    I’m also super super SUPER stoked for Yuki (Senna Ayase) as top musumeyaku and might revolt if she doesn’t get more than two grand theater shows in her run haha.

    SANTE!! (the revue with Yamatai) looks AMAZING. I caught a clip of a rehearsal yesterday and the song is STILL in my head. I can’t wait to see it in Tokyo in August, and also Maa-kun’s show in Mura.

    Lella, your Kaichan spittle story is incredible, I’m dying. What an experience!!

    1. amg I’m so excited for ALL THE THINGS Kiki has been doing recently. she has really been branching out. I think the attached at the hip thing was probably from how amazing a team they make – they just seem to balance each other so well? idek. but I hope the company is sensing the incredible excitement that I think hanagumi fans feel for MiriYuki top combi and that focusing on the two of them together will offer Kiki a bit more freedom to do cool stuff. MOAR GOOD THINGS FOR KIKI PRZ. :DD

      I agree with your analysis – we never know how other people feel about what they’re doing and when they start wanting to do something new, so maybe things will change with Mirio, but as for right now I think she is seems happy being exactly where she is. if Mirio was to taidan when her contract runs out next it would be a case of if Kiki has been able to do enough to make her feel well-rounded and ready enough to take on being top star at a young age. she became nibante pretty early as well, didn’t she? so I think it’s probably a case of seeing how things turn out.

      I think Koto could probably become top straight away and nail it, because that is what she does. XDD ALTHOUGH AMG SHE TOTALLY CRACKED THOUGH AND STARTED LAUGHING DURING SCARPIM. it was the second to last day and she had to turn away and everything. it was GLORIOUS. I wanted to high-five Beni.

      aaaah! shonichi is tomorrow!! I hope everything goes well amg.

      and about the Kaichan thing… idk how I’m still alive? it almost feels like I flew too close to the sun. XDDD

  4. Do any of you know how to find out the schedule for a touring Takarazuka show?

    No, really, this is relevant to this podcast: Kadorienne is Makoto Tsubasa’s eternal fan and if this job I’m up for comes through, I’m dragging her to Japan to see Makoto in Addams Family. BUT I am an enormous Miya Rurika fangirl and I’d love to see her in Legend of the Phoenix, which will begin touring just as Addams is ending. SO.

    1. We used to be better about getting the tour schedules up on the wiki, but it’s been hard with so many of the editors leaving the fandom. I’ll try and get this one up tonight if you want it in Romaji!

  5. Hi everyone,
    Great episode as always!
    I am particularly looking forward Poe no Ichizoku as I am a huge Hagio Moto (author) manga fan! I wish they could have done the heart of Thomas too but there is no female role in it…

    As for Mirio’s taidan, I don’t think neither that this show will be her farewell performance. .. The next grand theater show is more likely to be the last in my opinion. I hope it is an original play and a revue made espcially for her πŸ˜‰

    Kiki Chan still looks a bit young ( and chubby ^^ ) in my eyes to become top star but I guess it will be her anyway. she will get some more maturity for sure…

    I was also amazed by Coto-chauvelin. Her voice has so much improved lately. Can’t wait to see her next performances.

    And I am also a bit worried about Miya Ruri’s future… πŸ™

    By the way does anyone know a way I can get show chirashis online ?
    Would like to start a collection but I have no idea how to find them outside of Japan…

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

    1. Lily, if you search takarazuka flyer in eBay there are some. Personally I use noppin as an agent and get chirashi from japan yahoo auctions. There are tons there but then you have the extra charges and shipping from Japan.
      One of these days I’m going to figure out what to do which all the extra chirashi I have.

    2. The chirashi are also available for download online as pdfs, at the homepage. They print out nicely on A4 or letter size paper.

      Click on the “Revue” link, midpage. Or, this takes you to Grand theater shows, and this takes you to other shows. Then click on the show you would like. For each show, there is a “ポスター” link. Click on it and the page it takes you to has pdf downloads.

      For example, here is the page for ATERUI.

      If you are looking for past shows, 2014 to present are here, and older are here but don’t have the nice pdfs available.

  6. Wow….I didn’t know about that. I’ll have to give it a try. Oh….that could be another episode. “The secrets of the Takarazuka website”.

  7. I sadly really disliked Yamataikoku no Kaze (good costumes, 110% effort performances, bad bad playwriting), but if it proved one thing it proved that KIKI IS READY! Of course the company could always throw a curve ball but if they stay in line Hanagumi is in great shape.

    1. Oh dear πŸ™ Are we talking, like, BeruBara levels of bad, or Love and Death in Arabia levels of bad? Because if it’s the latter, I’m all good.

  8. Thank you very much Rachel and Jen for your rapid answers πŸ™‚
    Didn’t know about the PDF neither. That’s really great ! The quality is amazing!

  9. Please let us know when the Seattle OG event is open for ticket sales! I live in Seattle and my sister and I are SO THERE!! (Takarazuka here?! This sounds too good to be true!) Can’t wait to hear which OGs are coming~~~ XD Thanks so much for this podcast, ladies–I’m so out of touch with Zuka these days and hearing your chats and news really makes me nostalgic/happy~~ ^___^

      1. Hi, Jen!

        Thank you for that link/info on the December Seattle performance! I will definitely keep an eye out for announcements of tickets going on sale (hope you guys will make an announcement on the podcast when it happens too?). I was a big fan of Wao-Ohana era Cosmos, so I remember Mariho Erina and look forward to seeing her and the other OGs perform live! πŸ˜€

        And I’d be very happy to give you Seattle sights/restaurant recs! The main tourist attractions (that are actually pretty nice to check out) are Pike Place Market and the Seattle Space Needle Park (it has the Pacific Science Center in it, which has some good touring exhibits). Also check out the Starbucks Roastery on Capitol Hill (where you can get unique Sbux merch and really good espresso drinks unavailable at regular Starbucks), and Kerry Park atop Queen Anne Hill for the most spectacular Seattle skylines (and it’s a really beautiful park besides).

        Food-wise, Tom Douglas is our big restauranter in town, and I recommend either of his main downtown flagship restaurants for a start: Dahlia Lounge or Lola (be sure to get the “donuts” dessert at either–you will never taste a more perfectly created/fried beignet~ And the coconut cream pie is his signature dessert and also worth trying). Less pricey but really delish are this great middle eastern restaurant Petra in Belltown (get the Shish Taouk–it’s out of this world), Kushibar (also in Belltown) which does really good okonomiyaki and kushi and all sorts of other izakaya favorites, 8oz Burgers on Capitol Hill (perfect hipster burger joint with very inventive but sincerely delicious fusion burgers and milkshakes), a Spanish restaurant called Tango in Downtown that does amazing and authentic paella, and Lowell’s in Pike Place Market for their awesome breakfast (I highly rec the Dungenes Crab Omelet! So much juicy crab!! The lemon-ricotta pancakes are fantastic too!) and their third-floor dining area with gorgeous views of the Puget Sound. If you like sushi, there’s a famous sushi master at Shiro’s in Belltown (he was an apprentice of Jiro, the master sushi master in Jiro Dreams of Sushi!).

        For casual/cheaper (but delicious!) fare, try the bahn mi at Artisan Cafe in Belltown, Biscuit Bitch in Downtown, and the many delicious food stands in the Armory food court at the Space Needle Park.

        If you’re a cinephile, definitely check out Cinerama in downtown (a super-state-of-the-art one-screen theater that delivers a really special cinema experience + chocolate popcorn~!). The Pacific Science Center has a true IMAX screen (it’s humongous and curved, like the side of a small moon, and the IMAX/3D experience is SPECTACULAR). And in Queen Anne Hill, there’s an awesome small theater called SIFF Uptown that shows very well-curated independent films and animation~

        For more theater, check out what’s playing at the 5th Ave Theatre and Paramount Theatre for big musicals and the ACT or Seattle Repertory for plays.

        That’s the general stuff I would rec for a short visit to Seattle, but let me know if you have any particular interests or cuisines, etc, you’re interested in and I’ll try to dig up some recs for you!

        1. Ack, sorry for the super-late reply! Thank you so much for all of these awesome recommendations. I really can’t wait to try them out! πŸ˜€

          We will definitely be making an announcement on the podcast about ticket sales (although our releases tend to be delayed, so it probably won’t be the most timely way of getting info). (^^;;

          1. Hi, Jen–in that case, who/where would be the best place to follow for announcements of ticket sales? Or is this event an invitation-only type of thing/not open to the public? Thanks for your help!

  10. Hehehe, it’s fun to hear you ladies laugh so much about Tom playing young heroes when she’s undoubtedly in her 50s πŸ˜‰ <3 I see Mitsuru is in her show, as well as some other excellent Senka members :3 I hope the show is good, and perhaps she will start taking on some roles more befitting of her age… I think Zuka could do some really interesting things with her, and Senka members in general — they don't always have to be love stories!

    It seems like if Mirio was retiring it would have been announced by now (I'm sure I did calculations and charts at some point in the past, lol) so I think Lella is safe! πŸ˜‰ <3 That's great, I hope Senna Ayase has a decent run as her partner. And who knows where Hanagumi will go now that Kiki is being transferred… maybe Yuzuka Rei will rise up after all!

      1. I’m sorry for my absence! m(__)m I think I’m connected to you on Dreamwidth, not that I’ve posted much of anything in there lol… I’m mostly on Twitter now, but we’ll see if I get back into journaling <3

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