Special #7: TakaWiki

Carly, Jen, and Julie talk TakaWiki: Where it came from, why we love it, why English-language fandom is awesome, and why you should not be scared to contribute! Fandom meta splurge

(Julie is a new member of the podcast. Check out up-coming ep #28 for her self intro. She wants to add an apology for date-related difficulties: 2016=2006, and 1996=1976. Sleep is important!)

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16 thoughts on “Special #7: TakaWiki”

  1. Thank you for having me as part of this podcast! I’m still kind of getting used to Tumblr fandom, but I may post a few things… sora-power.tumblr.com <3 Anyone reading this, feel free to add me <3

    Also, here's to more people contributing to content on the TakaWiki!! 😀

  2. Hi y’all! Seriously, thanks for doing this special podcast on TakaWiki! I just want to say thanks to you guys for maintaining this AMAZING wiki because without it, it’s so hard to find Zuka info in English and it truly is the most comprehensive one-stop-shop for Zuka info. And its for EVERYONE round the world!

    I guess my philosophy on info is ‘good things must share’, that if you find something good or know info that you feel everyone else should know about, share it! And I don’t go on Tumblr much but when I do, I’m surprised to find SO MUCH DELICIOUS TRANSLATIONS out there too! That people have been translating stuff but it is hard for me find them all because of how Tumblr is formatted. And I totally agree that it would be so great to see them collated on TakaWiki because of ease of access, so please stick your translations or other translated content on TakaWiki, peoples!

    And yes, I totally agree that people can contribute in all sorts of ways to the Wiki and can freely update. So far I try to follow all sorts of Zuka people, I think people are great at updating for current show stuff and current actress stuff but I do notice that when people become OGs, their wiki somehow stops getting updated. I think the great thing about Zuka is there is life after Zuka, it’s just a different phrase and tracking what gigs OGs do after Zuka should still be in the Wiki because no matter what kind of fan you are and you see that OG’s page, you’ll see ‘oh! that person is still going on to do great things even after Zuka!’ and I think that’s nice to see.

    Kudos to y’all for keeping things running, it’s a tireless job and you guys do this out of your love for Zuka. So THANK YOU SO MUCH! And look forward to seeing more contributions on the page!

    1. Thank you for yet another really thoughtful comment!

      I don’t surf around on tumblr much, so I’m sure I’m missing a lot of translations….

  3. Thank you to all the senpai-tachi who ran the wiki and everyone who works hard to keep it updated. Agree with Carly, even with knowing Japanese, the wiki is the easiest to find information in one place.

    For the longest time I wanted to update the pictures of the little Yukigumi kakyuusei but I never got around to scanning the pics.
    And it would be awesome if we could make the forums active too. I do want to contribute but I guess everybody just ended up taking on the chat, like Jen said.

    Off-topic: I didn’t know that Merry Shannon was a Takawiki pioneer! Months ago I stumbled upon a preview of Merry Shannon’s short story, which was based on Zuka, so I bought the e-book and it was really cute!

  4. I can blame Merry Shannon for introducing me to Takarazuka. Was following her story on her fiction page and she had a link to her Takarazuka page. Thought it was fascinating but didn’t do anything about it. A few months later I wondered if there was anything on youtube. I hit the mother lode! Then I checked ebay and bought my first DVD, Elizabeth 2005. That did it. It’s been 9 years and many thousands of dollars later and still going strong. I just wish I was better in speaking and understanding Japanese.
    The takiwiki was my lifeline. I always had it open and it was the only way I learned what nick names when with which actress. I still check it several times a day for news and performance cast lists.
    I’ll have to figure out how to contribute. Since I’m seeing OG’s in dramas I probably should update their pages when I see someone.

  5. Hey thanks for the warm invite to help make Takawiki even better! I couldn’t live without it, even with being able to read Japanese. There is just so much to know about everything. The nerd in me lives and dies for this kind of data collecting and Takarazuka is my main passion in life so I would love to help. I guess I have felt a little shy to go in and change anything or to contribute but I’ll try a little practice thing here or there, and see how it goes. I’ll be glad to link to or to add my article translations and stuff too. I feel like they don’t get seen on tumblr really very much probably partially because of the terrible search function. Thanks again for reminding us all that it’s a joint venture and encouraging us to not be afraid to contribute even if we are newer fans : )

    1. Yay, so glad to hear it! Definitely give editing a try, especially if you love data collecting XD Looking forward to seeing your translations!

  6. Thanks for this great episode!

    Takawiki helped me so much back in the days when I was a newbie in the fandom. I couldn’t read Japanese very much and there wasn’t that much information on social media at that time so I remember checking every morning the News section… I was also checking all the actresses pages and printing the most beautiful pictures to keep them in my agenda!
    I also managed to get tickets to see my first show and do Iri/demachi thanks to the wiki informations.
    And also panicking when the wiki was down for more than two days lol.

    Sweet memories. . .

    Now, I can speak Japanese way more fluently than I used to and I have less time so i just follow the news through Twitter and check the Japanese Wikipedia to get specific information about an actress.

    But Takawiki will always be in my heart.
    Thank you very much to all the contributors…
    The wiki really helped me to become and stay a fan for all those years. And I am so glad about it. (although my wallet disagrees).

    I don’t know who pays the servor etc… but I hope it is not too expensive… Maybe adding a “donate” section could be good …?
    This podcast made me want to add some translation or add some old information about shows but I am a procrastination professional and have less and I less a time for my
    hobbies … Also don’t really know where to start and as my mother language is not English my translation may need to be corrected but anyway, will try 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Lily! We put up a donate button every 3 years or so to collect money. Usually we raise enough in about 24 hours to last for those 3 years! (Fandom is very generous!)

      I know what you mean about living off the TW when you’re a new fan. I lived off of every scrap of info that was up when I was a newbie<3 I hope you do find the time to add to the TW someday! Every little bit is a treasure. 🙂

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