Special #8: Takarazuka OG Performance in Seattle + Interview [vid podcast]

We have a VERY special video episode for you! This December, four Takarazuka OGs—Mariho Erina, Ayaka Rei, Shiho Nanami, and Tama Mayura—will be performing World of Dreams, a lecture and concert introducing American audiences to the world of Takarazuka, at the Cornish Playhouse in Seattle! In advance of this performance, the Takarazuka Fan Podcast interviewed the actresses about their time in Takarazuka, their thoughts about performing overseas, and more!

We’re so excited to be able to bring you this exclusive interview, and if you have any questions or Seattle area recommendations for the actresses, be sure to leave them in the comments!

Special thanks to the entire podcast team plus Chems for chipping in with the translation/subtitling, and to Sakiko for organizing the interview.

World of Dreams will be taking place on Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 4:30pm at the Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center. For more information visit the Facebook page.

Note: To save on server space, we are moving our video podcasts to YouTube. Unfortunately, this means they will no longer show up in the podcast feed.

Recorded 13th July, 2017

Mariho Erina
Ayaka Rei
Shiho Nanami
Tama Mayura

Otokoyaku: Actresses who play male roles
Musumeyaku: Actresses who play female roles
Onnayaku: Also female role players, but typically more mature roles
Shinjin Kouen: “Newcomer performances,” special performances held for each Grand Theater production that feature young stars who have been in the company for 7 years or less.
Nihonmono: Traditional Japanese productions
OG: Literally “old girl,” referring to actresses who have retired from Takarazuka.
Obi: The sash worn with a kimono.

15 thoughts on “Special #8: Takarazuka OG Performance in Seattle + Interview [vid podcast]”

  1. Eeeeee, I love this interview so much! Great job, ladies! And many many thanks to Mariho Erina, Ayaka Rei, Shiho Nanami, and Tama Mayura! I am sooooo looking forward to Seattle! 😀

  2. Thank you podcasters and wonderful OGs for the lovely interview! It makes me even more excited and happy, and I am over the moon with joy that I will get to come to this!!!! I’m extremely grateful for an event for the West coast! Thank you so much to the organizers and the university and everyone responsible for this wonderful chance to enjoy the magical world of Takarazuka!!!

    1. thank you so much for everything you do Sakiko. I’m sad I can’t be in Seattle with everyone but that doesn’t make me any less grateful that it is happening. <333

  3. That was super awesome! That’s interesting to know they had different ‘styles’ of Otokoyaku glances aka Blue Steels.

    That sounds like some insane FLOOD if everyone had to do quick changes in the costume area. I can’t imagine the costume dept be like an F1 pitstop!! I reckon it would have been the same for makeup changes as well. Shoot that’s a really stressful thing!

    I suppose it’s the same in any form of entertainment media: If you’re the one working on a show or performance in the thick of it, you’ll never see it the same way like an audience member. Which is the trade off. It’s fun to entertain people, it’s really hard work but when people cheer/ really enjoy themselves, that’s the real reward. You work on it in such a way the performance to the layman is absolutely flawless but it’s always hard because internally, you know all the flaws, so it’s hard to fully enjoy the work for what you know.

    You lucky Seattle folks! Have fun with the show!

  4. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of any of them until you all announced about the Seattle show >_< Even so, it's nice to hear about their experiences in Takarazuka and how excited they are to do the show.

    Well done to the team! The camera, sound and subs are really good. Where was this filmed btw? Carly and Kitty (and Lella), you guys are so cool, you handled the interview very well!

    1. Sorry for the late answer! This was filmed in a music classroom in their office/headquarters, they are affiliated with a sort of extracurricular school 🙂

  5. Ahh this was so much fun to watch!! Thank you to the interviewers and of course the lovely OGs for this wonderful treat! I can’t wait to see everyone in Seattle <3 <3 <3

  6. OMG, this was an amazing episode!!! Thank you so much for going to the Grand Theater and doing this, you three! This was an excellent interview–I loved hearing about the differences between the Troupes (like that “Hoshigumi would stare the audience in the face on a ‘huh!’ but Hanagumi would cast their eyes down” thing–I never would’ve noticed that on my own!) and getting to know these four OGs in particular. It was very helpful to hear which shows we should check out to see more of their performances, which I will definitely do if I can, before they come to Seattle!

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