Episode 29: Nihonmono

Join Carly, Julie, and Jen as they tackle that most exotic of Takarazuka musical genres: the nihonmono. A bit of a rambling summary of Japanese history, a bit about favorite motifs, what’s to love about nihonmono, and a loooong bit about some of our favorites! (Jen apologizes for her incoherent rambling in this episode.)

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Episode 29: Nihonmono

5 thoughts on “Episode 29: Nihonmono”

  1. Thanks again for a great in depth episode~~ <3!

    I have two recommendations, both Hokushou Kairi shows:

    Kaze no Jirokichi / Jirokichi of the Wind, Hanagumi 2015. It's a comedy!! so entertaining but a bit difficult to understand with the old/accented language. It's based off a legend that's a little difficult to find background info for, but it's SO much fun as there are some practical comedic elements, and Micchan is always a scream in comedy shows. I think it falls into the Edo time period? But I say that only based on costume and the presence of a few Samurai characters.

    Ouka ni Mae / Samurai the Final, Hoshigumi 2016, Micchan's taidan show from last year that immediately followed Nobunaga. VERY HEAVY accents that a lot of Japanese people said they also found hard to understand (the Satsuma accent), but a beautifully done show, also a tearjerker and really rooted in famous Japanese events involving the Meiji revolution/restoration (primarily the Satsuma Rebellion I believe). Honestly I haven't gone back to watch it since seeing it at the Grand Theater last summer even though we finally got the DVD because I was very emotional watching it and the revue Romance!! hahaha.

    Yukariko sounds like a great time, I hope I can find a way to see it!!!

  2. Thanks, Ladies.. ( ◠‿◠ )
    Very, very interesting episode.
    Also it reminded me the good old days.(≧∇≦)

    At first, it is recent trend (last 15-20 years ) those Nihonmono show comes first.
    It used to be the other way around, but most recent fans expect to see Kuroenbi Dance, Line Dance, and the big finale with big feathers at the end of the production. So they switch the order.

    I watched 1976′ あかねさす紫の花, Love Blooms out on the Murasaki, live from the back stage because I was a cleaning girl at their dressing room back then. And I fell in love with Haruna Yuri-san. She was so handsome and sexy then.
    Gee… I feel old.. no, I am old.

    My recent favorite Nihonmono play is Yukigumi Bow Hall show, Two Pieces of Siver, 2015. Tsukishiro Kanato was the lead. Don’t worry..it’s happy ending, based on the novel in 2009, and also NHK drama.
    The author of this novel ( Kaoru Takada) highly requested the company that she only approved Takarazuka version if she was able to choose, who played “Zenjiro”, the head clerk.
    She thinks that role is the key to success.
    Then my dear friend, Junko was chosen.
    I am not sure DVD is released for that show.
    But I want you to watch it if it’s possible.

    Aichan, Aizuki Hikaru, is also good at 日本舞踊, Nihonbuyo.
    According to her parents, she begged them to send her Nichibu lesson when she was 13, because she thought it would be great help to become a good Takarazuka Star.
    In 2007, at her 初舞台Hatsubutai, most Hatsubutai seito participated in only Line Dance, but she and other 2 ( I forgot their names ) was chosen to participate in Nimomono show, “Sakura” as well because they were good at Nihonbuyo.

    Jen… I agree with you.
    Soragumi Musumeyaku tend to be strong and powerful.
    Kyami-chan, Mariho Erina, was one of them.
    We should look forward to listening her powerful singing in Seattle.

  3. Thanks for this episode. I love jidaigeki so somehow I have an affinity for nihonmono.

    I would consider that Haru no yuki is nihonmono even though it is set right after Meiji (I think Taisho..?). The themes in the story are uniquely Japanese.

    I love Ginnikan! Not just because it’s Reiko’s first Bow Hall, but also because the story and characters are so cute. Just like Kurawanka, they use Osaka dialect, so it may be difficult for some. Thanks to Sakiko for the info, the fact that the author herself requested for Junko sounds awesome.

    Yukariko sounds interesting. And Yukinojou henge (the movie), is that the one with Tackey?

    Just wanted to recommend “Yarazu no Ame”. It’s a comedy, based on Rakugo stories.

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