Episode 31: Asaka Manato

Join Julie, Kitty, Heidi, and Carly for a love-filled tribute to retiring Cosmos Troupe top star Asaka Manato! WARNING: contains Land of the Gods/Classical Bijoux spoilers.


Kitty’s translations
Rose scene – Dream Kingdom
Asaka Manato/Misaki Rion farewell talk translation


Asaka Manato (Maakun)
Serika Toa (Kiki)
Misaki Rion (Mirion)
Kotobuki Tsukasa


A Motion
Chateau de la Reine/ VIVA FESTA
Count of Monte Cristo
Takarazuka’s Dream Kingdom
Pale Kiss
Rose of Versailles: Oscar (2014)
The Bund/Neon Shanghai
Code Hero
Phantom (2011)
Gone with the Wind (2013)
Melancholic Gigolo
Land of the Gods/Classical Bijoux
Oath of the Midnight Sun/Phoenix Takarazuka
Shakespeare/HOT EYES

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 31: Asaka Manato

8 thoughts on “Episode 31: Asaka Manato”

  1. I just saw Land of the Gods / Classical Bijou yesterday.
    Just behind where I sat, the group of 88th Class, Maa-kun’s 同期 were sitting with lots of Woo and Ah〜s during the show. They waved at Maa-kun with fluffy white stuffed rabbits. It was also fun to watch them. I couldn’t recognize all of them, but one of them was Hosho Dai 鳳翔 大
    Maa-kun looked so happy every time she was on Ginkyo.

  2. Agreed,チャライ is really awkward to translate. I think it’s one of those words that heavily relies on context.

    I’ve seen it used negatively when a friend was complaining about some two-timing ex-boyfriends and translated チャライ as “playboy” (in a bad way) or “cheating asshole”
    Only seen it used in positive context (i.e. Maa-kun) in Zuka and been translating it as “flirty” or “playboy” (in a teasing way). I do like “charming asshole” tho. Good suggestion~

  3. I saw Land of the Gods 3 times in Takarazuka. Not enough music!! What songs there were was excellent. Loved Ai-chan’s Rasputin.
    The revue was excellent. One time Maa-kun fell during a group dance but got up really fast and continued on with a sheepish look on her face.

    1. Yeah, as a friend put it it seemed like UeKumi actually wanted to write a straight up PLAY, but since it’s Zuka obviously there had to be some songs. As a result it’s not quite as I dunno, “punchy” as say Golden Desert or Hoshiai, as she doesn’t appear to work the songs into the show as well as they could have been (as you also probably noticed it took a long time, probably at least 15-20 mins, before we even get to the first one). But I still really came to like the show a lot because it had such a mature feeling to it, this sort of aching longing from Maa and Urara and this crushing loss from Akkii (I forgot to mention her in the episode but she tore me to pieces every time with her acting in that scene). The emotion is still there but it’s not quite as “dramatic” as you get with her other two grand theater shows. But I think it does a good job of showing off the different strengths of the actresses, so I ended up liking it a lot haha.

  4. Nice episode.
    Even if I am not a huge fan of Asaka Manato I think she had a beautiful career and I agree with you, Top Hat was the climax !
    Can’t wait to see her appearing on social media too xD

    Good luck to our new too stars too !

    It just so happened that I wanted to suggest episodes about particular stars or Combis, speaking of what you like about her/them, career turning point, favorite role, personality… And you did it 😉

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