Special #10: World of Dreams

A round table episode with a bunch of the fans who came to see World of Dreams in Seattle, recorded live at the after party. Along with Carly, Jen, and Heidi, a special appearance of Erin’s voice! Also many thanks to Al, Amelia, Connie, Gen, Karin, Maizy, Megan, Rachel and everyone for sharing their many experiences over the weekend.

If you missed our video interview with the OGs who performed in the show, check it out here.

Lots of photos and videos were taken over the course of the weekend. If you have any you’d like to share, please link them in the comments below!

(Also, Jen apologizes for being really, really tipsy. This would explain why she said “Cornell” instead of “Cornish” during that one anecdote. Everyone else is lovely and eloquent, though, so don’t miss out!)

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Special #10: World of Dreams

5 thoughts on “Special #10: World of Dreams”

  1. Thank you everybody. It was lots of fun watching Takarazuka with everyone and being on the podcast was a great experience.

  2. Thank you…thank you…thank you..
    I did cry when I listened to this episode.

    Yes, it was my idea to bring this show to Seattle at first,
    but without your help, this would NEVER have been so successful.

    You guys are the key persons make this event so great.
    Because I have YOU, because I know you guys are always on my side to help me out, I could make it through all to the end even if I had faced some difficult issues.

    Once again, thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.
    I love you all so much, love you more and more, and we all love Takarazuka forever.

    By the way, you guys sounded sooooo cute when a little tipsy.

  3. Forgot to mention this..

    A few Japanese seniors (85+) in Seattle who saw the show, told me they were so glad to see those old Takarasiennes pics on a big screen, especially Yachiyo Kasugano.
    They had a memory when they saw Takarazuka in Japan before they moved to US. They really appreciate it.
    Thank you, and good job, Jen..

  4. Finally sat down and listened to the podcast! This was my first live Takarazuka experience and definitely one of the best memories of my life!! Sakiko you are amazing! The actresses were amazing and were such nice people too, and I came away with just a general feeling of WOW–Both the Takarasiennes and the fans are the nicest bunch of people all in all that I have ever seen. : )
    Nice to meet the few of you that I was able to before I had to retreat : )

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