Episode 32: Musumeyaku

Join Jen and Julie for some top star musumeyaku love. Present and past star love, with a bit of talk about musumeyaku fandom. (This was recorded the weekend just before Chapi’s retirement was announced, which is why we don’t mention it at all.)

PS – Okay! Email us with trivia questions for our game at takarazukapodcast@gmail.com.

PPS – This wasn’t mentioned in the podcast, but here is Tsubasa Makoto gushing about getting to be on stage with her former partner Dan Rei again today. I feel like we see a lot of these kinds of posts from OG musumeyaku, but not from OG otokoyaku.

Tsukushi Mari (1953)
Takamiya Sachi (1978)
Haruka Kurara (1983)
Hanafusa Mari (1999)

Links to Things Mentioned In the Podcast:
West Side Story
Makoto Tsubasa’s Koshiji Fubuki Tribute Concert blog post
Red River flier

Actresses Mentioned:
Aihara Mika
Aono Yuki (Marimo)
Ayano Kanami
Dan Rei
Hanafusa Mari (O-Hana)
Haruka Kurara
Hizuki Hana (Ume)
Hoshikaze Madoka
Hoshina Yuri
Kisaki Airi
Konno Mahiru
Maaya Kiho
Manaki Reika (Chapi)
Misaki Rion (Mirion)
Nono Sumika
Sakurano Ayane
Senna Ayase
Shirahane Yuri (Tonami)
Toono Asuka
Tsukikage Hitomi (Gun-chan)

7 thoughts on “Episode 32: Musumeyaku”

  1. What a great episode! For the record, there has been one solo Top Musumeyaku cover of Graph since Hanafusa Mari – Yumesaki Nene had it in January 2013. There is also the October 2015 issue that had both Manaki Reika and Misaki Rion – have there been any other double Top Musumeyaku covers of Graph?

  2. Wonderful episode. You guys make me ashamed that I haven’t learned the musumeyaku names beyond the top stars. Too much for my brain.

  3. Thanks for another lovely episode! It made my day in a much needed way today <3

    You could probably add Azuma Chiaki to musumeyaku who were top in more than one troupe. Things were definitely a little fluid regarding Migiwa Natsuko's musumeyaku partner, she did do lead roles there before being moved back to hoshigumi to be Setouchi Miya's partner (one of 3 anyway!).

    I also heard Sakihi Miyu had a very big club for a musumeyaku (but since I don't have actual numbers, take it with a grain of salt)

    And since there was no info on Maaya Kiho, let me add a couple episodes here, because she is wonderful and deserves all the love <3:

    -She's a "go hard or go home" personality in general, even if she's a huge worrywart at the same time
    -She used to play pretend Dragonball with her dad / the other kids back in kindergarten, went 500 times on the amusement park's roller coaster, even after the rest of the family had given up
    -Loves reading books and collecting postcards, is a fan of Takahashi Macoto's art, old western movies, and Grace Kelly)
    -Her first live takarazuka was during 4th grade, when a teacher invited her to yukigumi's Susano-o and she fell REALLY hard for Otozuki Kei's character. She kept repeating the "am i man? am i a woman? I can do both!" line over and over on the train ride home, her mother finally snapped and told her to zip it xD
    -She initially wanted to be an otokoyaku, cut her hair/tried to do manly poses/tried to behave manly in her everyday life even played an otokoyaku in a school play. The first time she took the TMS exam, it was as an otokoyaku. But since she was short for it, she was lined up between musumeyaku in the exam and -as expected- didn't pass. So she decided to retake it as a musume.
    -She'd heard there's a jinx, that if you do a public performance in the waiting room of the TMS exam centre, you will pass. So she just stood up, and did it, to everyone's surprise.
    -She looks up to Shiraki Ayaka
    -Daimon recently compared her to a very energetic puppy
    -She's technically performed in all 5 troupes! Her hatsubutai was Soragumi, she performed with tsuki at kumimawari, was assigned to hana, then transferred to hoshi, and finally to yuki where she became Top.
    -She's said in the past her dream role is Christine from "Phantom" (which conveniently matches her current partner's dream role )

    [For the record, these are all things I've read in a Graph, a Kageki or heard in a sky stage program, so no Sumire Code violations, I hope]

    tl;dr Please consider Maaya Kiho, she has a lot to give, in my most humble opinion

    1. All amazing and awesome info, thank you so much! And I will definitely keep an eye on Maaya Kiho; anyone who loves Grace Kelly must be wonderful. 🙂

      PS – I thought about Azuma Chiaki, but her generation of musumeyaku stars really were all over the place. I decided to start a bit later when it was more unusual. But she was a lovely lady too.

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