Episode 33: West Side Story

Join Carly, Heidi, and Lella for a recap of recent news and an in-depth report of Cosmos Troupe’s recent production of West Side Story in Tokyo.


West Side Story: Tokyo International Forum cast
Takarazuka Journal review of West Side Story (Japanese)
Carly’s translation of the program special talk
West Side Story special edition Le Cinq (Amazon)
Asaka Manato in NYC
Reimi Urara’s Instagram

5 thoughts on “Episode 33: West Side Story”

  1. Great episode! I’m so sorry I didn’t see it and hope something gets released.
    I seem to remember a story about the 1998 production where the NY folks insisted that nothing be changed especially the height of the fences. The siennes had a little trouble getting over those fences.

    1. oh dear XDD I wonder if they lowered them in this production (it didn’t look like it to me?) or if Kiki just GOT DAT POWER because the way she went for it was EPIC. (and the others too ofc.)

    2. I feel like I’ve heard that story before too, only it was the original 1968-69 production, because they had Jerome Robbins (the original Broadway choreographer and director) and he was determined if they were going to do it they were going to do it right, so no leeway given for entirely different muscle mass, etc. XD

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