Episode 34: Senka (専科)

(Correction: Senka really got rid of the sub-categories in the early 80s, not late 60s.)

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Episode 34: Senka (専科)

4 thoughts on “Episode 34: Senka (専科)”

  1. Omg I’m about to take a long road trip tomorrow and this is the perfect way to kick it off, hooray!

  2. Thank you, Lasies for having this Senka episode.
    I love Senka, too.

    And thank you again for saying that you guys like my dearest friend, Junko, and her performance.
    ( BTW, she will be the one who gives the flowers to Maggie on the Tokyo Senshuraku stage in June. )

    Each Senka members have each completely different contract with the company.
    Some can stay until the age of 60, some can stay till 65, and some can stay for a while.
    The only Senka members can stay until they drop dead are Todoroki-san, and Matsumoto-Yuri sensei because they are the board members of Hankyu company now.
    So they are on pay-roll, and others aren’t. Contact base like pro athletes.

    They renew their contact every March, so every year their status will be changed.

    Becca is right..
    Their official retirement age as Sienne is 40, unless they are chosen as Senka members.

    1. Ahhhh, this all makes sense. Thank you for clearing that up!

      Aw, and that’s so interesting that Junko-san will be giving the flowers! …. I have to admit, part of me still thinks of Magee as being in Moon Troupe. XD

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