Special #11: Trivia Quiz!

Aaaand, we’re back with more quiz show goodness! This time we are super excited that we managed to get a lot of the crew together, so please join Anna, Carly, Elin, Jen, Kitty, and Julie and play along at home.

Apologies, there were a lot of technical difficulties, which means that although we recorded this back in April, it’s taken us this long to get it put together, so some of the questions are a bit out of date already. There are also a lot of rough bits in the podcast quality, but we’re so excited that we got everyone together, we hope you’ll enjoy it anyway.

So, bring your A-Game! Then tell us how you did in the comments below. 😀

ETA: Elin and Anna’s drinking game (.pdf). The post they got the original idea from is here.

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Special #11: Trivia Quiz!

5 thoughts on “Special #11: Trivia Quiz!”

  1. This was super fun and challenging! What a great game, and I bow to all of your Takarazuka knowledge (especially Kitty with that BeruBara lightning round – oofdah!). All told, I got 43 points (plus 43 in the lightning round, although I did not even try the BeruBara one because there are so many of them). Thank you for this lovely adventure in trivia!

  2. Great episode. Listened while pulling up vetch out in the pasture so I was out there shouting out answers. Kitty and Berubara…WOW

  3. I didn’t keep track but I was able to answer many of these questions, yay! This was very fun to listen to <333

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