Special #13: Interview with Eri Chiaki

In August we had the amazing opportunity to interview former Flower Troupe musumeyaku Eri Chiaki at J.College in Takarazuka! She was delightful to talk to and she shared a lot of interesting stories about her time in Takarazuka. We hope you enjoy it! Special thanks to Sakiko for setting the interview up.

Eri Chiaki on Takawiki
Eri Chiaki’s blog w/ concert info (Japanese)

5 thoughts on “Special #13: Interview with Eri Chiaki”

  1. Aaahhhh this is so wonderful!! You all seem like you had such a good time, and Eri-san is so charming and sweet! I really loved her thoughts on the traditional otokoyaku-musumeyaku dynamic of Hanagumi, and her stories about Mizu <3 And it was really funny when she couldn't think of an answer and said "what do YOU think" -- I've seen many actors do this at conventions 😉 I wish I could go to her class for singing lessons!!

  2. Oh, that was super sweet! I loved how excited she got when she realized how knowledgeable you guys were about Takarazuka! And she’s the one responsible for Mizu’s nails on the Elisabeth poster? Lady’s crazy talented! I hope her 25th anniversary dinner show goes well. And thank you guys for another great interview! I hope you have the chance to interview more siennes in the future.

  3. Thank you so much, so many precious stories! I got tears in my eyes hearing about Yan and Mizu.
    It’s interesting what she says about otokoyaku/musumeyaku dynamics in hanagumi, it seems to go against what was said in the last OG interview about hoshigumi being the no 1 troupe where otokoyaku are bolstered and made to look cool… and also what I’ve heard about hanagumi otokoyaku having the habit of flattering/flirting with musumeyaku more than others…

  4. This interview is adorable!! She is such a sweet person. :3

    I fortunately had the opportunity to go see her special concert show, and she is a great singer.
    She sang some Disney (Part of Your World, When She Loved Me) and Ghibli songs which really suited her voice, and she also sang fabulous versions of Watashi Dake Ni, Ai Areba Koso, and I Dreamed a Dream. There was also Somewhere Over the Rainbow completely in English, so I was very impressed!

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