Special #14: Montréal “World of Dreams”!

Here is a very tired but enthusiastic bunch of fans reporting on the latest “World of Dreams” North American tour.

It was so much fun! Thank you to Sakiko, Aube, J. College, and all of the people who made this show possible. Including, of course, the lovely ladies who came back to perform yet again in North America: Mariho Erina, Shihou Nanami, Ayaka Rei, and Tama Mayura. (Tama-san’s parents even came all the way from Japan to see her perform, which is so cool!)

If you went to Montreal or Vancouver for the show, please let us know about your experiences in the comments!

Apologies for the downtime!

Apologies for the downtime! Some naughty search engine indexing bots were downloading our larger files and killed our bandwidth, according to our hosting site. We’ve put some new code into place which should stop that from happening again, but if it does, remember that we have a Twitter and Facebook account, and also that our episodes are mirrored on Youtube as well.

Thanks for your patience!