Episode 40: Farewell Shibata Yukihiro

One of many nice collections of Shibata Yukihiro’s scripts.

Sadly, award-winning playwright and director Shibata Yukihiro passed away on July 19th. We recorded a short episode to honor him.

Do you have any Shibata-sensei shows you particularly enjoy? Or memories of the man? Please share them in the comments!

Links to things mentioned in this Podcast:

Links to shows mentioned in this podcast:

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Episode 40: Farewell Shibata Yukihiro

2 thoughts on “Episode 40: Farewell Shibata Yukihiro”

  1. It was nice to get a new episode. I can’t believe it already number 40!

    Shibata sensei’s shows have this very particular classic Takarazuka style that I love so much. And we should cherish them because I feel that that kind of shows are getting a bit rare since a few years.

    My personal favorite are Amber hued rain, Gaisenmon and Ephemeral love. I also like that those shows have been restaged several times. Seeing the same role played by a different actress is always very interesting.

    I was also quite surprised by the buzz around Asami Jun.
    Her face seems to stand out a lot (even though we just see her a few seconds during the whole song !) as the exact same thing happened few years ago when moon troupe was on FNS. Last time people on Twitter called her 左後ろの人(if you type that on Google image you can see what I am talking about). And this time it was 黒髪の人.
    No one can deny that she has a very delicate face even though she doesn’t look like the classic Takarazuka otokoyaku. I wonder if Hankyu will try to push her on the star track as she can clearly bring a new type of audience in Takarazuka (it seems that a lot of ジャニーズ (male idols) fans felt for her..).
    Bad thing is that this whole FNS thing will probably make snow troupe’s tickets even harder to get ><

    1. I can’t believe we hit 40 (now 41) episode either! Wow, time really flies. XD

      I agree, it’s interesting to see how different actresses interpret the same role!

      That is really funny about Asami Jun, I didn’t realize the same thing had happened to her before! She really must “have one of those faces.”

      I feel like tickets for all the troupes/shows have been a lot harder to get lately! I’m glad I’m not fighting the toujitsuken lines anymore.

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