Episode 41: Casanova and Farewell to Senna Ayase

Although it was recorded in May, due to bad audio the posting of this episode was postponed until now. We were unable to correct the bad audio, but have now decided to post the episode in spite of this. However, as a result, all of the ‘happy things’ and news are outdated. Yuzuka Rei has been announced as the next Hanagumi top star, and many more hanagumi musumeyaku have been announced as leaving with Asumi Rio in November.

Tweet with Rei Makoto and the eiga dorobo man
Casanova Takawiki page

Asumi Rio (Mirio)
Senna Ayase (Yuki/Yukihime)
Miriyuki = Asumi Rio/Senna Ayase combi
Ousaki Ayaka (Beichan)
Hanano Juria
Yuzuka Rei (Karei)
Hozuki An (Chinatsu)
Seto Kazuya (Akira)
Minami Maito (Maitii)
Kazumi Shou
Yuunami Kei
Haryuu Mitsuki
Shiroki Miei (Shirokimi)
Hiryuu Tsukasa
Seino Asuka
Oto Kurisu
Tatsuki Mio
Hana Yuuki
Maisora Hitomi

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 41: Casanova and Farewell to Senna Ayase

6 thoughts on “Episode 41: Casanova and Farewell to Senna Ayase”

  1. Great review of Yuki. It’s so nice to see her so appreciated. By now you must know that Towaki Sea is being transferred to Hanagumi from Yukigumi. Does this answer your question about who will be nibante?

    1. Thank you for listening! 🙂 I miss Yuki a LOT, gosh.

      I feel like Hitoko is going to step up with the move, but I’m not sure it’s going to be to the nibante post? Seto Kazuya is getting a personal calendar, which is a thing. So that would indicate that she is going to be nibante?? She has a few years on Karei so that would make it into a Tama/Miya type of arrangement. Which would be absolutely fine ofc. XDD But I look forward to seeing Hitoko in hana, and I’m 100% certain that it will be a positive thing for her career. There are too many people in her way in yukigumi at the moment (and I love all of them lol).

  2. Oh my goodness! I’ve was hoping you would do a podcast about Casanova! Yuki-chan was (and will always be) a treasure to Hanagumi. She will be sorely missed. And her dresses in this production were absolutely stunning (the blue dress kind of reminded me of the live action Cinderella).
    Also, I’m glad you liked the music. I did too and I know that there was a mixed reaction the music but all of Casanova’s songs were really enjoyable to listen to (I feel that if you like Dove Attia’s style of music composition with the synths and ‘pop/rock feel’, and compare his music to the other stuff he’s done, it’s easier to appreciate Casanova’s music as you know what to expect).

    Keep up the great podcasts!!! I look forward to every one of them.

    SIDE NOTE – Canadian-French Musical: Don Juan was composed by Félix Gray, though I believe Takarazuka has performed at least 3-4 other French musicals composed by Dove Attia (Casanova, 1789 and La Legende du Roi Arthur … there might be more but I can’t remember).

    1. Oh yes! Thanks so much for the correction – I must have mis-remembered from other conversations I’d had about the music previously (I mis-remember a lot of things, as evidenced in this podcast haha).

      I personally really enjoy the blend/mix (anachronism?) of the pop/rock style of music with the fantasy / period style shows of Arthur and Casanova. It’s just really fun and gives it a more whimsical feeling.

      Thank you for sticking with this one, I know it was rather excessively long, but I’m finally re-listening to it myself and I had fun, even though I was in it XDD

  3. I remember hearing before Casanova was even announced that it would be Mirio’s last show, so I was surprised when Yuki’s retirement was announced! I wonder if originally they were planning to both retire with Casanova? Or perhaps the rumors just got the two retirements mixed up.

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