Episode 42: Farewell Kurenai Yuzuru & Kisaki Airi

Carly, Jenn & Julie talk about Kurenai Yuzuru and Kisaki Airi’s Takarazuka careers, leading up to their retirement on 10/13/19.


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GOD OF STARS Script (Translation by hoshigomi)
Kurenai Yuzuru
Kisaki Airi

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Episode 42: Farewell Kurenai Yuzuru & Kisaki Airi

2 thoughts on “Episode 42: Farewell Kurenai Yuzuru & Kisaki Airi”

  1. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet as I’m still way too bummed that they’ve actually retired, but I look forward to being able to soon. Thank you for the episode!

  2. I remember when I would cringe when thinking that Bene would become a top star. Then all of a sudden her singing voice improved. I think the turning point was The Sun King.
    She’s done great as a top star and I’m glad they had some comedy shows for her. Great comedian. Hope she continues in doing comedy.

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