Episode 43: Farewell to Asumi Rio

Happy New Year! (The year of the Rat is almost here!)

In this episode, Heidi, Jen, and Lella talk about Mirio’s career in Takarazuka.

Please share your memories and thoughts in the comments!


KEN-ON ( 研音 ) talent agency website (Japanese only – She doesn’t have a profile page up yet)
Asumi Rio profile on TakaWiki (English) w/ links to all the shows discussed here.

Nicknames Used in This Ep:

Chinatsu (Houzuki An)
Daimon (Nozomi Fuuto)
Kiki (Serika Toa)
Mirio (Asumi Rio)
Rei (Yuzuka Rei)
Yuki (Senna Ayase)

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 43: Farewell to Asumi Rio

2 thoughts on “Episode 43: Farewell to Asumi Rio”

  1. My Mirio story: First time in Japan was 2010. Watched Scarlet Pimpernel 6 times. Watched Masaki play Chauvelin twice and she did great. Then I watched Mirio. Sang in tune, acted fine but there was no fire. The next day they seated somebody important just before the performance. Mirio was up and it was like night and day. She was fantastic! The emotion and her singing was amazing. Turns out that the ‘important person’ was Sena Jun. No wonder.

    Loved Haru no Yuki. Liked her as Andre and Tybalt better.

  2. A lovely and exciting podcast to welcome me in 2020! Thank you!!!

    “First Introduction to Mirio” Moment: I got into Takarazuka through my love of Sailor Moon and I’ve watched ALL of the musicals (a bit of a tangent). Takarazuka was mentioned and I had to do my research to make sense of what it was. For some reason, whenever I researched Takrazuka actresses, Mirio, or rather her face always showed up. She was pretty popular in the Google Search feed and at the time I didn’t know who she was/what she did in the Revue, only that she was probably one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen. It was thanks to Takawiki, I finally found out who she was and that she was Top Star. I learned about the Top Star system through her. Eventually, I started off watching Flower Troupe shows and fell in love with just how dynamic and captivating she was as a performer. Her long run as Top clearly showed her love and dedication towards her troupe and their love and admiration for her. Though I am very excited about Rei’s run as Top, I’m going to miss Asumi Rio. She was the Top Star that introduced me to the world of Takarazuka.

    Favourite roles/shows: Bill in Me and My Girl, that role I’m sure is pretty much her in real life; a suave but loveable ‘pancake’ of a dork. Other favourite role; Casanova. That role was perfect for her!

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