Episode 44: Spring 2020 News and Speculation

Julie and Jen chat about all the recent show and actress news, speculate, and ramble a bit. Join us for a lighthearted break in the World of Dreams!

Please join in in the comments below! We’d love to know what you are all thinking as well.

Links to things mentioned in this podcast:
Clip of Anastasia Japanese cast @Twitter (includes Asami Hikaru and Asami Rei!) Posted on March 20th to celebrate the show re-opening.

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Episode 44: Spring 2020 News and Speculation

7 thoughts on “Episode 44: Spring 2020 News and Speculation”

  1. Jun Hana being transferred is bananas, right? But having Irodori Michiru as a top would be a dream <3
    Thanks for the fun podcast while a lot of us are working from home! Stay healthy!

  2. Jun Hana’s transfer to Soragumi may be to groom her to be Kiki’s top musumeyaku…which means that perhaps Makaze and Hoshikaze are retiring in a year.

    1. Oooh. There’s a thought! She certainly wouldn’t be the first. But she would definitely be the oldest. At ken-12 it seems like if it was something she really wanted to do she would have done it a long time ago….

  3. I feel a bit sad that you didn’t talk more about Nozomi Fuuto and Maaya Kiho’s retirement news and last musical, but thank you for that episode šŸ™‚ !

    Ha ha, Asami Jun becoming top musumeyaku…she was great as Carol but no, she is going to be a wonderful nibante (please, hear me Hankyu !) and top star one day, I still hope.

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