Hello fabulous listeners and fellow Takarazuka fans! We were wondering if you have any requests for our upcoming podcasts?

Any shows you’d like to hear us discuss, any topics you’d like us to cover, any questions you’d like us to tackle?

Go ahead and drop a note in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Requests?”

  1. Either more quiz/questionnaire videos as they were very fun to listen too.
    Or a a podcast specifically about the 95th class (because who doesn’t love the 95th class – they’re super talented!)

  2. I’d love to hear you guys talk about some of the small theatre musicals with absolutely stunning music that no one really talks about and are such a waste as one-offs. (Immediately comes to mind are ‘the seagull’ and ‘le muguet’?)
    Or something about top combis with best chemistry- on stage or off stage or both!

    1. I agree, I’m a newbie to the fandom but I would love to hear about the less known productions more and such. As well as Top combis with good chemistry especially onstage but it would be fun to know offstage stuff too.

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