Episode 46: Golden Combinations

Join Kate and Jen as they talk about the many definitions of a “Golden Combi”, and some of their favorite otokoyaku and musumeyaku pairs.

We won’t give them away ahead of time. See if you can guess from the sound clips! 😉

Please drop us a note in the comments, because we would LOVE to hear your thoughts on our pairs or any of your own faves!

Talked about in this show:

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 46: Golden Combinations

9 thoughts on “Episode 46: Golden Combinations”

  1. Thank you, Ladies..
    Very interesting episode
    1 thing..
    Amami Yuki’s parter was Asano Kayo, and Daichi Mao’s parter was Kuroki Hitomi.

      1. This is like that time I had a brain fart in the middle of recording and suddenly couldn’t remember Hoshina Yuri vs Haruna Yuri. XD Mouth, slow down and stay with brain.

        Daichi Mao and Amami Yuuki are only some of my FAVORITE actresses, hahah. (T_T);

  2. Great show. My number 1 favorite couple was Wao and Hana. Fantastic chemistry. I tend to like Moon troupe top stars so I’d also add Oozora Yuuhi and Nono Sumika. They had great chemistry. It really helped that Sumika was such a fan girl of Oozora.

    1. Yuuhi and Sumika really were sweet together. Is there a show of theirs you’d particularly recommend to others?

      1. Shanti-la of course. This production was the one DVD that I couldn’t find on Yahoo auctions. Nobody was getting rid of their copy. I had to wait till I got to Japan and bought it new.
        But for a really beautiful production watch Beautiful Life / Luna Rossa.
        Luna Rossa is my favorite revue of theirs.

        1. I have to embarrassedly admit I have all these Yuuhi shows that I haven’t watched yet It’s like I’m saving them for a rainy day. Maybe I’ll watch one this weekend!

          1. Jen, let me know when you watch them. I’m interested in what you think. As a Tsukigumi person I think you’ll love them.

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