Episode 47: Die Räuber

Join Heidi and Lella as they talk about a favorite small-theater show and give it some tough love. (Warning: Plot spoilers)

Have you seen The Robbers? What did you think of it?

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Episode 47: Die Räuber

2 thoughts on “Episode 47: Die Räuber”

  1. Very interesting episode.
    I saw that show, but your episode reminded me lots of things..

    Thank you, Jen for mentioning about our Instagram Live as your happy thing.
    We will do it again this Saturday at 11:00pm (east coast). Japan is Noon on Sunday.
    I know it’s late, but I will save it as archive.
    Please watch it again.

  2. After letting our discussion sit in my head for a few days, I want to further clarify (simplify?) some of my thoughts regarding the stylistic choices for the music.

    Aside from having a very different sort of mental connotation for classical pieces such as Ode to Joy, the overall type of music used in this particular play I personally think does a little too much to ‘lighten’ the overall atmosphere, to the point where it prevents me from being able to fully sink into the more emotional and devastating moments (which Kiki is just ridiculously good at), either because I’m too focused on a melody that’s overly familiar to me, or because (in a few cases), it is just inappropriately used, such as at the end of act one and doesn’t allow much room for me as an audience member to fully process the weight of the moment.

    I suppose this could potentially be a symptom of it being a small theater production, where they have to limit the resources used – minimal set design, mostly using existing costume pieces, etc, so they’re left with few options to portray a specific feeling of being in Germany for the setting.

    Truthfully, the specific location setting itself feels very incidental to the actual narrative, and I don’t know that I personally would have been terribly bothered by the absence of anything very strongly German, musically or visually, especially for a Takarazuka adaptation.

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