Special #18: Revue Theme Song Quiz Game!

Thanks to many requests here in the blog, on Tumblr, and on Twitter, we have some quiz games headed your way.

First up: Play along with Lella, Kitty, Jenn, and Julie and test your esoteric Takarazuka revue show theme song knowledge!

Don’t cheat, but if you want to double-check your answers after playing, here is the answer key.

2 thoughts on “Special #18: Revue Theme Song Quiz Game!”

  1. I noticed something I already knew: I am very focussed on specific people and times and tend to ignore everyone and everything else XD so, some you all struggled with were extremely easy for me, others that everybody knew I was like ??? never heard that. But it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to the next bunch.
    My score was 64, btw., and I was good at recognizing people and concequently the troupe, but really suck at titles.

  2. Such a fun episode !
    I got 76 points, I knew almost all the singers , shows and troupe but as I have always been so bad at time consciousness I was almost always wrong for the dates with one year earlier or later.
    As always, Thank you very much for your hard work on the podcast. I always enjoy it a lot.

    Ps: I think it could be quite interesting to have a longer discussion at the beginning of the episode to discuss a bit more about the latest news, show announcements, troupe transfers (I like to speculate about future transfers ^^ and we will probably have a lot of announcements in the next few months) etc…

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