Special #8: Takarazuka OG Performance in Seattle + Interview [vid podcast]

We have a VERY special video episode for you! This December, four Takarazuka OGs—Mariho Erina, Ayaka Rei, Shiho Nanami, and Tama Mayura—will be performing World of Dreams, a lecture and concert introducing American audiences to the world of Takarazuka, at the Cornish Playhouse in Seattle! In advance of this performance, the Takarazuka Fan Podcast interviewed the actresses about their time in Takarazuka, their thoughts about performing overseas, and more!

We’re so excited to be able to bring you this exclusive interview, and if you have any questions or Seattle area recommendations for the actresses, be sure to leave them in the comments!

Special thanks to the entire podcast team plus Chems for chipping in with the translation/subtitling, and to Sakiko for organizing the interview.

World of Dreams will be taking place on Sunday, December 3, 2017 at 4:30pm at the Cornish Playhouse at Seattle Center. For more information visit the Facebook page.

Note: To save on server space, we are moving our video podcasts to YouTube. Unfortunately, this means they will no longer show up in the podcast feed.

Recorded 13th July, 2017

Mariho Erina
Ayaka Rei
Shiho Nanami
Tama Mayura

Otokoyaku: Actresses who play male roles
Musumeyaku: Actresses who play female roles
Onnayaku: Also female role players, but typically more mature roles
Shinjin Kouen: “Newcomer performances,” special performances held for each Grand Theater production that feature young stars who have been in the company for 7 years or less.
Nihonmono: Traditional Japanese productions
OG: Literally “old girl,” referring to actresses who have retired from Takarazuka.
Obi: The sash worn with a kimono.

Episode 28: Cosmos Troupe (宙組)

Becca, Carly, Jen, and Soragumi expert Julie (in her first recorded episode!) talk about the history of Cosmos troupe!

Correction: Julie mentioned that Aran Kei only guest starred in Soragumi during Phantom, but she also appeared in Lightning in the Daytime.

Links to things mentioned in the podcast:

Visual for Ryuu Masaki’s album
Official Takarazuka Revue English website

Select performances mentioned:

All for One
Elisabeth 1998
Phantom 2004
Never Say Goodbye
Sketches from the Life of Ryoma Sakamoto
Singin’ in the Rain 2008
Paradise Prince
Phoenix Wright
Elisabeth 2009
Shakespeare/HOT EYES!!
A Motion


Top star chart (All Soragumi mentioned)
Hanakage Arisu
Nagina Ruumi
Nanaho Hikaru
Harukaze Misato
Kotobuki Tsukasa
Kazuki Sora
Yuumi Hiro


shinjin kouen / shinko: Every performance shown at the Takarazuka Grand Theater / Tokyo Takarazuka Theater has one night when the junior stars of the troupe (ken 7 and under) perform in the lead roles. It provides the junior stars with valuable stage experience and public exposure.

Special #7: TakaWiki

Carly, Jen, and Julie talk TakaWiki: Where it came from, why we love it, why English-language fandom is awesome, and why you should not be scared to contribute! Fandom meta splurge

(Julie is a new member of the podcast. Check out up-coming ep #28 for her self intro. She wants to add an apology for date-related difficulties: 2016=2006, and 1996=1976. Sleep is important!)

Links to fabulous things:


Episode 27: Sagiri Seina & Sakihi Miyu

A farewell to Snow Troupe’s Top Stars Sagiri Seina and Sakihi Miyu. Let us know what you love about Chigi and Miyu in the comments below!

(And stay with us through the very end of this ep, because Carly and Chems added an addendum!)

Links to Things Mentioned in the Podcast:


Glossary (TakaWiki glossary):

Episode 24: March News

A little late now, but here’s a roundup of all the big news in Takarazuka recently!

NOTE: Lella mentions that Kurenai Yuzuru said doing Scarlet pimpernel was “hitokakera no yume.” This is a reference to Percy’s big song in the show, “Hitokakera no Yuuki” – “A Piece of Courage.” So Beni was saying this role was like a piece of her dream.

Links to things mentioned:

OG Instagram Live! Picture from Ayanami Keito’s instagram
Saizuki Tsukushi’s insta | Ayanami Keito’s insta | Ouka Rina’s insta | Aotsuki Ren on TakaWiki

Ryouga Haruhi’s blog posts about Costco saran wrap and going to see Grand Hotel

Ayakaze Sakina’s upcoming photobook

The taidan/ohirome chart

Select actresses mentioned:

Manaki Reika / Chapi
Houshou Dai
Karyou Shizuru
Hoshino Anri
Irodori Michiru
Seina Nozomi
Sakihi Miyu
Asaka Manato / Maakun
Misaki Rion / Mirion
Makaze Suzuho / Yurika
Reimi Urara
Hoshikaze Madoka
Kihou Kanata
Nozomi Fuuto / Daimon
Maaya Kiho
Senna Ayase

Shows mentioned:

All for One


Tachimi: Standing-room tickets at the back of the theater

Episode 22: Snow Troupe (雪組)

Join Becca, Carly, and Jen for a discussion of Snow Troupe, past and present!

Correction: Jen refers to a “Junko in Hoshigumi,” by which she means Ema Naoki who is now in Senka, not Hoshigumi. XD Habit….

Links to things mentioned:

Scarlet Pimpernel cast comparison chart (via @cotoyumi_star on Twitter)
Otozuki Kei’s OG reunion Instagram pic (featuring Otozuki Kei, Renjou Makoto, Ayabuki Mao, Manaka Ayu, and Shirahana Remi)
Seijou Kaito’s Masquerade DS posters
The other all-female theater troupes in Kansai: OSK, Shochiku, Setsugetsuka Kagekidan
Jen’s Migiwa Natsuko comic (bottom of post)
Mori Keaki singing Ai
Maikaze Rira’s blog
Misuzu Aki’s blog

Select actresses mentioned:

Kasugano Yachiyo (not from Tokyo by the way!)
Maho Shibuki
Matsumoto Yuri
Migiwa Natsuko
Mori Keaki
Sou Kazuho
Haruka Kurara
Maikaze Rira
Shirahane Yuri
Mirai Yuuki
Amase Izuru
Maisaki Rin
Ayanagi Shou
Ootsuki Sayu
Misuzu Aki

Select performances mentioned:

Johnny on the Hill
I Won’t Forget the Young Day’s Song
Shall We Dance
Wandering Requiem
The Brothers Karamazov
Je T’aime
In Quest of the Blue Bird
A Man Called Bacchus
The Count’s Daughter
Lupin III


Ohirome kouen
Taiga drama

Episode 18: One Samurai from Kagoshima / Romance

In this episode, we review Star Troupe’s “Ouka ni Mae/Romance!!”, which recently wrapped up its Takarazuka run and will begin in Tokyo on October 21st.  This is the final show for Hokushou Kairi and Hinami Fuu.  We apologize in advance for anything we got wrong about Japanese history!


-Wikipedia article about Kagoshima dialect

Amazon.com link for The Last Samurai: The Life and Battles of Saigo Takamori by Mark Ravina

Wikipedia article about the Satsuma Rebellion

-special feature on the official Takarazuka page about the Romantic Revue series

People mentioned:


Seto Kazuya

Hokushou Kairi

Mishiro Ren

Hinami Fuu

Kurenai Yuzuru

Rei Makoto

Nanami Hiroki

-Yumeki Anru

Natsuki Rei

-Mao Yuuki

Kisaki Airi

Maaya Kiho


Saitou Yoshimasa

Okada Keiji

Hayama Kiyomi


Chuuzume: This is the scene in the revue show which occurs near the middle of the show, and has the entire troupe on stage dancing together. It’s a kind of “power up” scene to get everyone clapping and tapping their toes.

Ginkyou: A narrow strip of stage that extends around the orchestra pit, approximately 3 feet high and four and a half feet wide. Another trademark of the Takarazuka, the silver bridge is used in much of the performance blocking and in the finale to allow those in the front seats a very up-close look at the stars.

Episode 17: Flower Troupe

This is the first in a series of troupe-focused episodes: Hanagumi! We discuss the history of the troupe from all the way back in the beginning as well as recent years.  NOTE: we recorded this before the transfer announcements! The new top musumeyaku of Hanagumi will be Senna Ayase.


StarlightParade @ deviantart
Interview with Masatsuka-sensei about Caleb Hunt by chemicalperfume
Interview with Inaba-sensei about Greatest Hits by chemicalperfume
Jen’s translations of Ooura Mizuki’s memoir
Junna Risa’s facebook page
Interview with Aika Mire and Makoto Tsubasa from Splendor of 100 Years
Nestle Star Talk
Hinata San’s melon-pan ice cream shop twitter


Tani Masazumi
Masatsuka Haruhiko
Koike Shuuichirou

Takigawa Sueko
Koshiji Fubuki

3K: Kou Nishiki, Kouzuki Noboru, Koshiro Miyako


Nibante/sanbante – the second and third ranked otokoyaku in a troupe
Irimachi/demachi – waiting for a star outside the theater
Otome – an annual publication listing profiles for every current member of the revue
Momotaro @ Wikipedia

Dom-Brako (Momotaro) @ TakaWiki

Episode 16: Takarazuka OG Shows

In this episode, we talk about some of the differences between Takarazuka and OG shows, the challenges actresses face when moving on from Takarazuka in their careers, and some great shows that were never sold or broadcast!


1- Becca meant to say she saw Mizu’s first show as a top star, not her first show as an otokoyaku!

2- August: Osage County was originally a play. It was later adapted into a movie.

3- Names we promised to look up: Nakagawa Akinori was the actor Carly kept mentioning; Kusakari Tamiyo is the well-known ballet dancer from Shall We Dance / the Red Team version of Grand Hotel.

Select shows mentioned:

Man of La Mancha
1789 (buy the CD)
Romeo & Juliette (Umeda Arts version) – starts in January 2017!
Mozart (buy the DVD)
Flamenco Cafe del Gato (Dance Legend Series Vol. 3)
August: Osage County
Grand Hotel

Select people mentioned:

Kiriya Hiromu
Otozuki Kei
Haruno Sumire (Osa)
Juri Sakiho
Sou Kazuho
Kozuki Wataru
Hanafusa Mari (Ohana)
Ranno Hana
Mizu Natsuki
Ozuki Tooma
Asami Rei
Anju Mira


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 2.58.16 PM


irimachi/demachi – waiting at the stage door for actresses
nihonmono – a traditional Japanese-style production
Takarazuka-An – A shop with locations in Takarazuka and Tokyo that sells mostly secondhand Takarazuka and general musical theater goods
Sky Stage – Takarazuka’s proprietary TV channel
WOWOW – a premium Japanese TV channel that frequently airs Takarazuka and other theater performances

If you want to know more about a show or a person we mentioned, leave a comment!

Episode 15: All About Ryuu Masaki!

In this episode, we celebrate Moon Troupe top star Ryuu Masaki as she prepares to graduate from Takarazuka! NOTES: this episode was recorded before the Chicago episode but saved for the Tokyo run of Nobunaga, so we apologize for the strange timeline of our commentary. Also the “treat,” once again, was our special Mitsuya Nao interview.

Seal of Roses fanart
Jen’s blog of reviews

Shows mentioned
Don Juan
Roman Holiday
Flamenco Cafe del Gato
Om Shanti Om
Scarlet Pimpernel – Star Troupe 2017 / Umeda Arts Theater 2016
Rome at Dawn
Elisabeth 2005, 2009
Puck 2014
Arsene Lupin 2013
Takarazuka Dance/Guide to the Future/Takarazuka Flower Poems 100
Season of Angels
Gypsy Baron
Man from Algiers
My Love Lies Over the Mountains
Edward VII
Young Bloods 2006
Gone with the Wind 2014, 2015
Me and My Girl (Hakataza)
Rose of Versailles: Oscar and Andre 2013
Magician’s Misfortunes
Higher than the Sky of Paris
Romeo & Juliette 2012
Seal of Roses

People mentioned
Ryuu Masaki!! (Masao)
Ayaki Nao
Sena Jun
Kiriya Hiromu (Kiriyan)
Shibuki Jun (Rika)
Ozuki Tooma
Oozora Yuuhi
Seijou Kaito (Magee)
Saou Kurama
Uzuki Hayate
Asumi Rio

Ueda Shinji
Ueda Keiko
Koyanagi Naoko
Masatsuka Haruhiko
Frank Wildhorn
Sylvester Levay

Buyoukai – The Takarazuka Buyoukai is an annual event where select members of the revue perform traditional Japanese dances and pieces of famous Noh works to the accompaniment of traditional Japanese music.

Nihonmono – Literally, “Japanese thing.” A play with a historical Japanese setting.

Nibante – Refers to the second-ranked otokoyaku star in a troupe. It is generally expected that a nibante will one day become a top star, although this is not guaranteed, and the star does not always stay in the same troupe.