Episode 23: Fan Letters and Presents

Some not-at-all-official advice and gossip from Elin, Lella, Becca, and Jen. Finally managed to get all our time zones lined up again! 😉

Links to Things Mentioned in the Podcast:



Becca’s research just for you:

Also, about flowers from Leonie Rae Stickland’s Gender Gymnastics book (keep in mind this was from before the company stopped this):

“In addition to its function as a source of enjoyment for Revue enthusiasts of either gender, Takarazuka fandom fulfills an important economic role which benefits the Revue itself, its parent company, Hankyu, and many other enterprises of various sizes.  Fans purchase theater and train tickets; Revue-related merchandise such as fan magazines, related books, Compact-and Digital Versatile Disks; and other miscellaneous goods bearing Takarazuka logos.  They probably also patronize Hankyu’s department stores and hotels around Japan, where Hankyu’s link with Takarazuka is made obvious by the prominent display of posters and panels bearing pictures of Revue stars.  In central Takarazuka, and to a lesser extent in Tokyo’s Yurakucho, adjacent to the Tokyo Takarazuka Theatre, many bars, restaurants, florists, other retail stores and service outlets look to fans for much of their custom.  The horticulture industry, for which Takarazuka itself is one of the three biggest producing areas in the country, also profits greatly from fans’ purchase of cut or potted flowers to present to their favorite stars, to the extent that fans’ purchases allegedly influence the national wholesale price.”

Episode 21: The End is Nigh!

What’s that!? No top musumeyaku in Cosmos Troupe!!! The end is nigh!!!!

… Or perhaps not.

Join Carly, Becca, and Jen as they consider which Cosmos Troupe musumeyaku may most benefit from this move, and all of the times in the past that this has happened. What’s your take on all this kerfuffle, Dear Listeners?

Links (Things Mentioned)

Actresses @ TakaWiki

Glossary @ TakaWiki

Episode 20: Moon Troupe (月組)

Moon Troupe love! Join Becca, Carly, and Jen in their flailing and discussions of Moon Troupe now and in the past.

Correction: Eternal Tale was Haruna Yuri’s 2nd to last show, not her very last, which was War and Peace.

Links (Things Mentioned)

Couldn’t find the butterfly-clip pic, but have a sassy Rika in all her crazy-haired glory.



  • aite (相手) – partner
  • daihyou (代表) – representative, in Takarazuka fan clubs, it’s the lovely lady in charge
  • fukubukuro (福袋) @ Wikipedia
  • hakama (袴) – green hakama are traditional wear for graduation
  • irimachi/demachi (入待/出待) – waiting for the actresses before and after shows
  • kawaii (可愛い) – cute
  • nibante (二番手) – 2nd ranked role/actress
  • nihonmono (日本物) – set in historical Japan
  • pachipachi (パチパチ) – among other things, it’s the sound effect for clapping


Housekeeping: iTunes feed

Hi all! A listener mentioned that they were not able to see more than the last 10 episodes or so on their podcast apps. I looked into it, and I believe it was actually because WordPress has a default of “10” built into itself for feeds. I think I have managed to fix this by setting the value to “40,” although it may take 24 hours or so to trickle over into the iTunes feed.

If there hasn’t been any improvement by Monday, I shall tackle it again from another angle!

PS- Stay tuned, we may have a mid-winter surprise coming up soon!

Episode 12: Vampires!

In This Podcast:

  • What’s making us happy in Takarazuka lately
  • Seal of Roses
  • Silver Rose Chronicle
  • Vampire Succession

Links (things discussed in this podcast):


  • taidan
  • Aichan: Aizuki Hikaru’s nickname
  • Kaname: Ouki Kaname’s nickname
  • Kiriya: Kiriya Hiromu’s nickname
  • Madoka: Hoshikaze Madoka’s nickname
  • Mitsuru: Hanagata Hikaru’s nickname
  • Nacchan: Ootsuki Sayu’s nickname
  • Rika: Shibuki Jun’s nickname
  • Saeko: Ayaki Nao’s nickname
  • Sora: Kazuki Sora’s nickname
  • Urara: Reimi Urara’s nickname
  • Yumiko: Ayabuki Mao’s nickname
  • Yurika: Makaze Suzuho’s nickname
  • Yuuhi: Oozora Yuuhi’s nickname

Sorry for all the reposts!

Sorry to those of you who might be getting notifications for a whole slew of new posts. When we first started this podcast, I downloaded a podcast plugin for wordpress and thought I was very clever. But no matter how I tagged the posts that I did through the plugin, and although the tags showed up in the side bar of the blog, they never actually linked back to the posts.

And then, suddenly, I had a breakthrough a couple of episodes ago and completely ignored the plugin and used wordpress’s default post option and… tada, working links. Dear lord, the time wasted.

So, rather than delete old posts and lose everyone’s lovely comments, I’ve added bookmark posts and put the tags on them. So, if you have a burning desire to hear every episode with a certain topic or podcast member, all you have to do now is click on their tag.

… Why, yes, I am type-A, how did you guess?

Episode 11: Documentary Fever


  • We had some technical difficulties with this ep, so although we recorded it on May 1st, it’s coming to you now and some of the news is a liiiiiittle out of date. XD
  • While checking out their website, we realized that the English-language Dream Girls documentary is available as a private DVD for $19.95. Totally, totally recommended!

In This Podcast:

  • Retirement news
  • What’s making us happy in Takarazuka lately (9:00)
  • 学校へ行こう!MAX (Gakkou e Ikou! MAX): Takarazuka Music School [original broadcast date: April 4th 2006] (17:00)
  • Dream Girls documentary (TMS and the Revue in 1993) (51:40)

Links (things discussed in this podcast):


  • Daimon: Nozomi Fuuto’s nickname
  • Fuu-chan: Hinami Fuu’s nickname
  • Micchan: Hokushou Kairi’s nickname
  • fukukumichou
  • juku: cram school
  • kumichou
  • taidan / sotsugyou (graduation)
  • TMS: Takarazuka Music School

Episode 10: Die Fledermaus / The Entertainer

In this podcast:

  • What’s making us happy in Takarazuka lately
  • Koumori (Die Fledermaus) / The Entertainer
  • Falstaff
  • Q & A s

Afterthoughts (Corrections & Additions):

  • Falstaff will run Oct. 10th – Oct. 21st at Bow Hall, and the writer/director is Tani Masazumi.
  • Carly: The scene in The Entertainer Lella mentioned where Toki Irisu and Seijou Kaito sing in great English definitely did happen! I saw it again today 🙂 Magee of course has great English pronunciation [Jen Note: Magee’s father is American] and I don’t know what Masako’s background is but she matched Magee very well.

Links (things discussed in this podcast):