Episode 50: Revue Reviews

Happy New Year, everyone!!

Join Julie, Kitty, Jen, and Kate as they talk about what they enjoy about Takarazuka revue shows, their directors, and some of their favorite shows. (Jen is a liiiitle late getting this posted, so you’ll see the news section is out of date. Ahahahah.)

We’d love to hear from you about what you enjoy about revue shows and some of your favorites! (Also, do any of you remember which revue shows had shanshan with bells?)

Happy Things:

Flying Sapa & Magnificent Emperor live broadcasts
Creating new fans with A Passage Through the Light

Shows Mentioned:

Apasionado!! (Moon 2008)
Aqua Vitae!! (Cosmos 2019)
Asian Winds! (Flower 2005)
à Bientôt (Star 2009)
Blue Moon Blue (Moon 2000)
Castle of the White Heron (Cosmos 2018)
Les Cherubim (Snow 1997)
Citrus Breeze (Cosmos 1998)
Dancing For You (Cosmos 2008)
Eclair Brillant (Star 2019)
Enter the Revue (Flower 2005)
The Entertainer (Star 2016)
La Esmeralda (Snow 2015)
Estrellas (Star 2019)
Exciter!! (Flower 2010)
Funky Sunshine (Cosmos 2010)
Gato Bonito!! (Snow 2018)
HOT EYES (Cosmos 2016)
I Love Chopin (Cosmos 2006)
Killer Rouge (Star 2018)
MAHOROBA (Moon 2007)
Misty Station (Moon 2012)
Rio de Bravo!! (Snow 2009)
Romance (Star 2016)
Santé!! (Flower 2017)
Sora Fantasista (Cosmos 2007)
Super Voyager (Snow 2018)
Viva! Festa! (Cosmos 2017)


chuuzume (中詰め) – the big central number in a Takarazuka revue show
ginkyou (銀橋): the silver bridge, the small strip of stage between the audience and orchestra box
ipponmono (一本物) – A two-act musical, without a revue
shan-shan (シャンシャン) – Thing held in the hand during the finale parade, most often looks like a small shield with a ribbon

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 50: Revue Reviews

Episode 48: Cuddle, Marry, Ignore

Join Julie, Kate, Kitty, Jenn, and Jen, as they tackle the toughest question of all: “Cuddle, marry, or ignore?”

How about you? Would you answer any of these tough questions any differently? Or do you have a challenging trio of your own? Please share with us below in the comments!

07/19/20: Update from Julie: Whoops, I made a mistake when Kate was talking about always liking the character of Talleyrand! In Trafalgar (Cosmos 2010), Kazahana Reia played Talleyrand. Tenrei Mion did have a stand-out solo moment but she was playing Sieyès.

Happy Things Mentioned in This Podcast:

Wao Youka and CHIHARU chatted on Instagram Live
Oscar Francois de Jarjayes graduated from university
NASA Astronauts Launch from America in Historic Test Flight of SpaceX Crew Dragon
Giant undersea bug in Toba Aquarium poops for first time in two years
Daimon and Kiho handwashing to “Takarazuka Forever”
Takarazuka top star OGs: “Our Song For You”

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 48: Cuddle, Marry, Ignore

Episode 34: Senka (専科)

(Correction: Senka really got rid of the sub-categories in the early 80s, not late 60s.)

Links to Things Mentioned In the Podcast:

Actresses Mentioned:

Takarazuka Revue Fan Podcast
Episode 34: Senka (専科)