A statement from the members of the podcast

We would like to make a clear statement regarding information that has come to light about a former member of our podcast. We believe that all individuals are free to hold beliefs of their choice and vote as their conscience dictates. However, we also stand against racism and discrimination in all forms, and for all individuals to be treated respectfully, equally, and fairly by the systems they live under. We unequivocally reject neo-Nazi and other far-right platforms that discount the humanity of individuals based on their ethnicity, race, religion, country of origin, sexuality, gender identity, or any other characteristic.

When we were informed of some things posted publicly by the former member of our podcast, we researched the matter to the best of our ability and had several conversations with her.  Ultimately it was decided that because of her open support for a political party that stands in direct conflict with these views, she will no longer be associated with the podcast and will not further contribute to any of our content.

We hope to continue being a welcoming and inclusive space that provides fun content for all fans to enjoy together.

[The recording below is simply this same message, intended for listeners who stream our content through a podcast app and don’t read the blog.]


Hello fabulous listeners and fellow Takarazuka fans! We were wondering if you have any requests for our upcoming podcasts?

Any shows you’d like to hear us discuss, any topics you’d like us to cover, any questions you’d like us to tackle?

Go ahead and drop a note in the comments!

Help us with our Japanese Phrase special!

We’d love YOUR help!

We’re looking to have a short special about Japanese words and phrases related to the Takarazuka Revue. These can be technical words that are unique to the Revue or its fandom (like “otokoyaku”), or phrases you hear a lot in Takarazuka plays or shows, or something super cute or thoughtful that your favorite has said!

Please share with us a word or phrase that you like or find interesting and tell us a little bit why. You can either drop a note in the comments below, or email us at takarazukapodcast@gmail.com.

We’d especially love it if you sent us a recording that we can incorporate into the show! We’re looking to make this a real fandom effort. If you’d like to send us a short, minute or so clip, please record as a .wav or .mp3 and send it to us at takarazukapodcast@gmail.com.

Confused? Not sure? Drop us a note below!

Sorry for the server disruption!

Some of you may have noticed we overdid it this month and used too much bandwidth on our server. To prevent this from happening in the future, and to make certain that the files are always available, we are going to be creating a back-up channel on YouTube.

Our video podcasts will be exclusively on YouTube. Unfortunately, this means they will no longer show up in the podcast feed, although you’ll still get alerts if you follow the blog here!

Takarazuka Fan Podcast YouTube Channel

Housekeeping: iTunes feed

Hi all! A listener mentioned that they were not able to see more than the last 10 episodes or so on their podcast apps. I looked into it, and I believe it was actually because WordPress has a default of “10” built into itself for feeds. I think I have managed to fix this by setting the value to “40,” although it may take 24 hours or so to trickle over into the iTunes feed.

If there hasn’t been any improvement by Monday, I shall tackle it again from another angle!

PS- Stay tuned, we may have a mid-winter surprise coming up soon!

Sorry for all the reposts!

Sorry to those of you who might be getting notifications for a whole slew of new posts. When we first started this podcast, I downloaded a podcast plugin for wordpress and thought I was very clever. But no matter how I tagged the posts that I did through the plugin, and although the tags showed up in the side bar of the blog, they never actually linked back to the posts.

And then, suddenly, I had a breakthrough a couple of episodes ago and completely ignored the plugin and used wordpress’s default post option and… tada, working links. Dear lord, the time wasted.

So, rather than delete old posts and lose everyone’s lovely comments, I’ve added bookmark posts and put the tags on them. So, if you have a burning desire to hear every episode with a certain topic or podcast member, all you have to do now is click on their tag.

… Why, yes, I am type-A, how did you guess?