Episode 3: Shakespeare / HOT EYES!!

NOTE: Originally recorded early last month, we had to trim out portions of this episode because of technical difficulties with one of the member’s tracks. So it’s not as timely as we had hoped, but the ticket talk perhaps shows how prescient we were? 😉

In this podcast:

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Episode 3: Shakespeare / HOT EYES!!

3 thoughts on “Episode 3: Shakespeare / HOT EYES!!”

  1. Thank you for another very fun episode!
    This is my first time commenting, but I’m a big fan of this podcast; if only it could be a more regular thing. ;;

    I hadn’t realized Koyanagi Naoko will be co-directing Soragumi Elisabeth, thank you for this bit of info. That’s awesome (and completely makes sense, Koike’s 2016 schedule is beyond brutal) ! She’s one of my favourite directors, so I hope this is a great experience for her that she keeps rising as production stuff in the company. It’s great to see so many women directing after Ueda Keiko paved the way. (I really need to buy her book; I’ve read she applied 5 times before she got accepted. That’s some dedication!)

    Being also the huge Fujii Daisuke fan that I am, I did the homework (which you may have already done yourselves by now, but I was too curious to resist!):

    According to takawiki, Daisuke has directed 18 original revues for honkouen since his debut with Soragumi’s “GLORIOUS!!” back in 2000. That’s not counting his thus-far announced 2016 projects (“Hot Eyes!!” and “Forever Love!!”) or “Applause Takarazuka!” and “Takarazuka Dream Kingdom” in 2004 which were a joint effort with Miki Akio and Saitou Yoshimasa (and since it’s “original” and “honkouen” this does not include restagings of his shows for smaller venues or bow hall stuff etc).
    Out of those 18 revues, he’s worked in ALL 18 of them with Hayama Kiyomi, Miori Yumino and Wakao Risa. Hayama and Wakao also choreographed for the 2 aforementioned joint projects.
    He’s also used Hirasawa Satoshi (10 revues) and Anju Mira a lot (7 revues).
    Every other choreographer he’s used has been a guest in a couple of shows, he REALLY mainly works with those 5 people.
    Which might be expected considering, but I was kind of amused that Daisuke the zuka nerd basically only works with former siennes, because of course he would.

    Looking forward to next time!

    1. chemicals, you are awesome! A huge round of applause for you, because I was just on the official website checking this out yesterday, and Fujii-S did indeed use Hayama Kiyomi, Miori Yumino and Wakao Risa (along with Anju Mira and Sakuragi Ryousuke). :D:D

      Thanks for all the other cool info, too. I haven’t read Ueda-S’s book yet either, but it’s definitely on my list!


  2. Thank you, ladies, this was so interesting.
    With me having missed the last 10 years, episodes like this are very very helpful to get a better idea of what happened in the meantime and get me out of this confused state.
    I am really curious to watch this show now 😀

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