Episode 5.5: Anime! Manga! Takarazuka! (part 2)

This episode got out of control and so we’re cutting it into two parts. In this episode we discuss some of our favorite Takarazuka adaptations of manga and anime.

In this podcast:

Links (things discussed in this podcast):


  • Icchan — Ichiro Maki’s nickname
  • Susshii — Kotobuki Tsukasa’s nickname
  • Taako — Asami Rei’s nickname
  • Tomu — Ranju Tomu’s nickname
  • igiari! — objection!

2 thoughts on “Episode 5.5: Anime! Manga! Takarazuka! (part 2)”

  1. There’s not a single comment on this episode?? But it’s so good ;_____;

    Kitty-chan, please be my friend! I loved every part of your commentary on the Gyakuten Saiban shows <3 When you mentioned Phoenix's terrible fashion sense, I pretty much guffawed out loud and had to put my hand over my mouth XD;;; I was really hoping someone would bring this up, because that horrible purple sweater is burned into my mind forever… (Also in general, yes, it's hilarious when Zuka does shows in "California" and they're still wearing 3 layers… I'm looking at you, ParaPuri…)

    I still haven't seen GyakuSai 3, so if anyone wants to watch it with me let me know! ;D

  2. Thank you so much, this was so awesome!
    I actually plan to see Space Oscar soon and I think I am now prepared better for it than I was before.
    What I actually missed in these episodes is Rose of Versailles. I hope that is going to be a topic at another time? 😀

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